Trap Gambino running scared!

to be fair i was never in vegas

i was sitting on my deck and trying to order pizzas to his gym. Door dash is a cunt and every pizza place my card was declined as I used it 1500 miles away earlier that day.

i guess I could have called visa and explained it but I’m not a smart man



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U ain’t gotta lie to kick it

zero lies…i pmd several people during the shenanigans that can vouch for it…a couple have even posted in this thread.

I commend you for your weight loss, that’s an admirable achievement but you come across as a cunt most of the time


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My all black English shepherd dog has a cataract…

I call her Cotton Eye Rose…


Ur moms a cunt

you’re as witty as your are a good fighter


Ur moms as witty as my lighter

so what’s your story TG?

are you looking for a smoker? does your gym set those up?

No dude :man_facepalming: that’s not…

Jesus Christ I hate this site

so you don’t want a fight?

p.s. who the fuk cares if you hate this site?

lots of smokers available - you in SoCal?

nothing about you is “lighter”

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Does it look like I’d have a hard time finding a fight? :joy:

Man no. These people are idiots bro.

They have so many stories lost in all this z

There’s been dudes talking trash about me and my family for years. All I said was I want them to show up. They see my posts and turn it into this mess.

And most of y’all fell for it and will continue to.

Ohhhh that’s actually a lie! I’m 100lbs lighter than I was two years ago! :hushed:

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yeah I get that… way she goes bubs

just curious about your real story. you got something lined up?

Everyone here hates you too. Why won’t you just go away? You’re are a living human herpe, a really fat one.