Trap Gampedo has his GF doing OnlyFans

I feel very sorry for the child they brought into the world,
Child protective services should take this child off them.

Now we all know Mike Chandler like to adopt future DQ athletes, surely with the pairs gene pool this baby will be a super athlete, so Chandler and his wife should adopt immediately,
Or just adopt it and let their 2 black sons bully him because he has no athletic talent.

Poor kid



What are u Trap?
Gordon Ramsey Idiot GIF

angry stan marsh GIF by South Park

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@TrapGambino U sick fuck

Trying to fight a disabled down syndrome fighter

You should be fucking ashamed of your.

Your wife is fucking ugly and fat, her belly is disgusting…

I have called child protective services on you.

Ur child will grow up watching Ur girl begbon Freemont street while shadowboxing @ about 8-9month pregnant

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He has me blocked on here

It’s unfortunate


How long do u think it would take you to finish him @Big_Wes

I’m hoping a soccer kick finish

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I would spit in his ass and go in raw

I would allow him to use it as an extra on his Only Fan’s page

He actually has one too


Is it sexy?? What do you do now days Wes?

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Also if it’s none of my business just say fuck off it won’t hurt my feelings.

Just an FYI
Trap somehow fooled the High Rollers into getting him a match

The action is at 1:35:00


.2 seconds


I raise money for charities through Ohio

It’s something that has become my life

I have raised almost $9M total dollars for companies that are on desperate for funding


That’s awesome he is active , needs done work on his grappling from the bottom like Jan B.


@Big_Wes do u ever hang out with McCorkle.
You two would be a blast on a night out on the town

I would love to see both of you smash that fat piece of shit.
Make it happen pls.

Sign the bout you fat Cheeto fingered fuck @TrapGambino

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Man he got tapped by a most likely in the spectrum dude 150 pds lighter than him and he didn’t even have a solid choke locked in. Bullshit he’s playing a martial artist like he’s playing a rapper or his wife is playing a boxer…unreal Bonner actual said this shit. He’s needs to be checked. I’d pay a g to whatever foundation to see Wes head kick this guy into Bolivia.


190lbs vs 335lbs. Wow just embarrassing


Like Big Wes said, this fucker tricked the stoners into putting his fat ass on the card.

He’s a “actor” not a martial artist

And calling him an actor is like saying Brenda Schaub is a “comedian”

Can’t wait for Dr Phil to check in and post in this thread


That’s a hippopotamus

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10 bucks so far.

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Lol still no change.

He won’t even be full up on fast food with a mesely 10 buck snack

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I think that he uses shirt stays in order to keep his rash guard on