Trap Pain

Hey, I have pain in my upper back. It's caused by having tight traps. I'm working on my posture, taking yoga classes and stretching. It was okay for a while, but I got an 8 hours/day desk job and the pain has flared up again.

The best stretches I've found is stretching while holding my hands together behind my back or bending over at the waist.

I'm doing SL-Deadlifts and shrugs currently for weights.

Anyone else have these types of problems? Know of anything that helps? Any other ideas?

Active Release.

My ex-girlfriend is a dentist and she had a ton of problems with her traps from working in weird positions all day. One ART session and she felt a million times better.. she went back maybe 3 times after that and didn't have a problem for about a year.

I also had her avoiding exercises like shrugs and deadlifts for a little while because to me it just seemed like her upper traps were over-active (this was just a feeling I had).. it really seemed to help.

hahaha... so it may not have been the ART at all. It could have been from you having her lay off the trap heavy exercises? That's interesting.

CS, i suggest getting an ergonomics expert into your workplace to check out your station. If i spend too much time at a computer my right trap gets some pain as well (mouse hand). The only way to resolve the issue is to not use the computer so much (for me) but since it is your job, getting a better work station would be in your best interests.


Yeah I guess I should've worded that better.

First thing I had her doing was avoiding deadlifts and shrugs.. this corrected something, because I could actually see her posture improve. When I asked how she felt, she'd say "yeah, I THINK its getting better.." So that was good.

Then I had her try ART once,.. this was before I even started going. After that first session, she flipped out because of how good it felt. She was able to work all day without her traps tightening up on her.. I don't think she goes anymore, but fuck 'er.

Try it. ART works.

Thanks for the advice guys. I'm going to hit some massage therapy this wekend, should take care of it.

Vermonter, I NEVER thought about the mouse hand thing. I'm mostly keyboard only, but it would totally make sense. I'm 90% sure that's what the problem is, thanks.

I'm lowering the height of my mouse as I speak.

I'm going to start using left hand for the mouse, see if it helps over the next week. I'll report back w/ an update.

Hi! The problem is not only the mouse. The ergonomics of any piece of office furniture is a disaster. I have to deal with patients with those problems every day. So: 1) Make sure you facing your monitor straight. If you have to turn you head even 15 degrees to any side, you might overload neck muscles. 2) Keyboard must be parallel to the edge of monitor, so it will eliminate possible trunk rotation. 3) Adjust the chair, so when you put your hands on the keyboard or mouse your shoulders are in neutral position (not dropped down or lifted up) 4) THE MOST IMPOTANT ONE: DO NOT HOLD TELEFONE RECIVER WITH YOUR SHOULDER WHILE WORKING ON THE COMPUTER. If you need to talk, use headsets. Keep us posted.

No problem man, hope it works out for you.

Also, i didnt mean to sound like i was baggin on Ryno. We're friends, so i was just joking with him. The way i see it, the massage (along with heat, stretching, and motion) is a way to fix the damage that has already been done, but it does not resolve the problem that caused it. Although i know Ryno has had tremendous success with ART, i feel that it is only a portion of your answer.

Please do let us know if things get better for you.