Trashmans take on Diaz Lawler 2

Nick came out of shape. No excuse. That being said (excuse), I don’t think he’s pickled and all that shit is just that, shit. Yeah he drank, partied, ect. He def found a way to get out of shape…

But that’s just it. Out of shape. That was his undoing and I don’t think it’s anything other than not doing the work. He’s been in shape in the last year.

He didn’t feel like doing shit, got fat and thought 6 weeks was enough to rectify it. 6 weeks is enough to rectify being fat…now for a camp. Not for a fight.

To me, what I saw, the skills were there. It’s a weird style for mma, but it works, especially for nick…but it’s cardio based and the style requires the effort.

To me, it’s like any of us. Sometimes you’re motivated. Sometimes you’re not. Sometimes you’re motivated for tomorrow when you’re drunk today.

Nick was 100% for one night…not for 365 nights.

Robbie was both.

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both being that older versions of themselves

but nick was 3 rounds at most and robby was 5 depending


Hell yeah