"Travel the World!" = Globohomo Propaganda

completely agree.

I have friends that do nothing but travel and have zero other life goals, or skills for that matter, they work medial easy low paying jobs between travelling and while travelling.

my wife and I “travel” but its not often and when we do its something we have been really wanting to do and we immerse ourselves in the local society.

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you sound like Daffy from The Beach.



I have zero hope of travelling these days as Im never getting the vaccine.

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I think where people go wrong is constantly comparing themselves to others.

Just the fact that you know this much bout your “friends” and use it to judge them says a lot about you and your wife’s characters. Maybe these people do like you and they cherish sharing their adventures with you thinking you mean well :frowning:

I had to travel so much before I retired from my old job that i totally burned out on it, and by the end was spending half my year on the road. Now i have the times and finances to go anywhere, but I pretty much hate the idea but my wife wants to travel everywhere and I freaking dread it.

I can see why people would want to travel and combine a hobby with a country known for it, like going to Brazil to train in BJJ or surfing in Hawaii or scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef.

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“I have friends that do nothing but travel and have zero other life goals, or skills for that matter, they work medial easy low paying jobs between travelling and while travelling.”

sounds so terrible…They have no idea what they are missing out on not working 40 to 60 hrs a week.

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ya that works out well when you are 25, call me when you are 45 and broke with zero skills but a whole bunch of memories to look back on from your van parked by the river.

Constant travel is a great recipe for a lifetime of low-level wage-slaving.

A responsible man with goals works toward a job he loves, and loves to work in order to provide for his family.
A globohomo brainwashed male builds nothing, and spends everything. He lives only to consume.


or maybe not everyone values the same things in life that you do…have you ever thought about that?

this is especially true with different generations. Boomers and older Gen Xers were obsessed with keeping up with their neighbors, an obsession with having the newest and best “stuff” to show how successful they are to everyone else. Extremely materialistic and shallow…some people would say that lifestyle is a prison…but different strokes for different folks…we are talking about first world problems here.

I really do like travel, but what irks me are the “dirty hippy” back packers you see everywhere.

They can be from the U.S., Canada, Europe --wherever-- and they are all the same. --Talk about “conformity” it’s like they are being produced by a factory.

Walking into the Louvre or an ancient temple like a homeless person with your smelly blond dreadlocks, sandals & tie dye shirt. --Go f@ck yourself.


The “different strokes for different folks” philosophy of life is basically 1970s propaganda. It doesn’t hold up to any kind of behavioral psychology research, or evolutionary biology, but the myth will never disappear because retards LOVE believing that they’re unique and they can reengineer their own biology.

In truth, humans find maximal long term fulfillment through family and community.
Some are able to invest their entire lives into their work and find happiness, but that’s quite rare.
All of the “free-spirits” out there breaking the human biology mold seem to pilled up to the gills on antidepressants, which seems to pair nicely with a lifelong pot addiction.


Exactly this. I live in a very nice area and it’s been backyard wars since the pandemic lol , my back (and front) yard is shit and I plan on keeping it shit because we are never really back there. It’s freaking hot and we have an awesome public pool plus all our friends have pools.

I never understood that need to keep up with appearances. We have everything we need in this huge house, nobody might know it but that’s just the way I choose to like it :slight_smile:


Solid post, goes along the line of advice “do what is meaningful and not what is expedient”. Ancient Christianity has been teaching this for hundreds of years, and more recently Jordan Peterson did a whole chapter on it.
Doing what “makes you happy” all the time, without sacrificing for the future, will give most people a crusts if meaning, which leads to massive mental health problems.


100%. Happiness is the other side of the coin to sacrifice and suffering. you cannot experience true happiness without sacrifice of some kind.

and as you said, many cultures use this as their basis of society.

a life of leasure is a life thrown into the void.


I did the backpackong thing for a summer and i grew to hate them

Got to the point where I would be amused hearing stories of backpackers getting ripped off or robbed in Europe and Asia

Every single one of them thinks theyre better than “normies”


How did I miss this thread, lol.

YEA - fucking travel weirdos!

I think what you are looking at is newer travelers under the age of thirty. Not a single person can get them to shut the fuck up, but I also believe know how to approach the topic and subject of travel is one you need to feel out since there are a lot of people with the above expressed opinions.

I do see a problem in equating those who travel with a larger frequency somehow being low-wage earners? There is a vast amount of people who travel from all kinds of economic backgrounds so this doesn’t make sense.

At the start of getting crazy with travel for me (after 30) was due to reading some books like Tim Ferris and realizing that driving to work everyday m-f 9-5 was eventually going to be my life and the death of me.

After a while, I started getting out there I learned to enjoy it. I usually solo travel but have gone out with gf’s, friends and taken my parents overseas as well. Taking my parents on a grand trip overseas was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life, to give back to them.

There are a funny thing people do when they like something. They start adjusting and changing their life to suit the goals they put ahead of them. In fact, my want and need to take time off and travel is solely one of the bigger reasons I’ve done well. Properties, investments, tried the whole stupid expensive car shit. If you don’t want to believe that you can work 8-9 months in a year and still do well, sorry.

My career isn’t my identity. A lot of people could use that lesson.

Do you know how hard it is to set yourself up in a way to take off 2-3 months every year? Sure, I could make more money if I used that time but I’d rather have time off, is that really that whacky? Time off just doesn’t apply to travel, it could also apply to if you had a wife/kids.

A life with a lot of time off from work used wisely is a fulfilling life.

Why do we all sit here dreaming about our golden egg at retirement when we won’t be able to do fuck all much to enjoy it.

Sure, I could aspire to be some fuck sitting talking about the Green Egg, if I need to plant bermuda or fescue and talk about the annual trip to 30A in Florida. I mean, how exciting is that life?

“Globohomo” sounds like the name of a really frightening character you have to fight to reach the next level in a video game.


i agree with your idea of not being a slave to work and making significant no work time

however, this last sentence of yours is you having the same kind of thinking (but toward normal, suburban family life stuff) that others here have about travelers

talking about the Green Egg, well, that means the man likely has a family and friends/neighbors and likes to cook food to share an enjoy with them. annual trip to Florida with the wife and kids? that IS exciting for everyone involved
deciding which grass to plant on your own property which you worked hard to pay for and acquire? that is exciting

i get the suburban life dad jokes to be made, but when you have children you realize that grilling in your backyard with the family, caretaking the home you provide for family, and taking annual trips to florida are awesome and what life is about (for those with children and families)

im assuming your perspective is that of someone who does not have children, so i understand why you think suburban life is boring

and vice versa for the suburban family people here generalizing about travelers