Travis Browne watched his coach get kicked...

What an absolute pussy. He will be cut from the UFC soon enough, go outlines fuxking warrior.

Fan boy Ricky Lundell trying to make love inside the cage after his coach just got pummeled by Werdum.

Everyone that surrounds Travis is a pussy because he is the biggest one! My gawd have some self respect Travis! Phone Post 3.0 Phone Post 3.0

Ease up on the fighter bashing.

looked away for a second and missed it live. I thought werdum would have more sense than to let that little shit edmund under his skin. 


That said, I wish werdum would have starched him. lol @ edmund still barking at him after getting kicked, like werdum couldn't eat his asshole alive.


If the HW div wasn't so shallow browne's next walkout song would be 'hit the road jack'

Maybe he was just confused by the whole thing, or maybe he's been wanting to hit Edmond himself.
As for Lundell, he was just being a professional and trying to calm the situation.

In amongst all this, how come no-one's talking about the batshit scoring for that fight? Think it was 29-28, 30-28 and 30-27.
Who the fuck gave Travis a round? Who gave one round as a draw?? Utter nonsense! Phone Post 3.0

StrikingMMA - Ease up on the fighter bashing.

This, OP.

If Travis Browne is a pussy, that would make you his discharge at best.

I believe Gall said stop with the negativity op. Phone Post 3.0

Fuck the hate brah Phone Post 3.0