travis fulton = the impaler

dirty fulton said this to me once. he is a pervert. everyone if you see him ask him to make out with you. he loves a good rim job. fulton for life.

I am the impaler!

dude call me

yea, hes awsome isnt he

Kyle I dropped my phone in the river. Email me at ironmanko10@yahoo

Yeah Im so rich I have a summer home which is my van parked in the alley behind a chinese restaurant in downtown Cedar Falls, and my winter residence is a trailer on the river.

hey do you have those fights tapes that clayton gave you. i would like to see them.

Yeah I have a couple. Drop me an email penis boy

Travis Fulton, Motivational Speaker

The Impaler was being covered by a pillow the last time Travis and I were hanging out. I'd say the Impaler is pretty shy. Ask Trav to explain. I'm sure he knows what I'm talking about. I'm still smiling myself:)

lol at this thread...

ttt for guy!


Well it took a couple of pillows to cover my man meat that night. Ahh the things you see in the fight game....but never get to take part in.

How did the enlargement go?

ttt for your meat missles