Travis Fulton vs Andre Roberts?

Has this match ever happenned? I'm thinking no but correct me if I'm wrong. Even if it has already...It should again...Andre is huge and has some awesome skills...Travis is big and has awesome skills...

Hypothetically...Who wins it if it happens?

Chad B. make it happen!

I think fulton is goin doin to 205 so this fight prolly wont ever happen..

might have though i wouldnt know..

just know roberts would be a little to big to beat

Fulton at 205??? Impressive if its true. Last time I saw him he was around 240 at the least.

I would actually feel as though I'd gotten my money's worth to see this fight. One for MMA's history books.



Is Andre still fighting?

I havent heard of any retirement.

Travis and Andre are good friends, they won't fight.

booooooooooo...miller and fulton are close friends and have fought multiple times!

travis IS dropping to 205 apparently

I think the biggest guy he's ever fought was Eric Pele.