Travis Fulton

I just recently watched the IFC dvd set, I saw this fight on their with Vladdy and Fulton. I was wondering what is the story on Fulton, how did he get into and fight all these matches? Is this dude like rich or does he have spoonsors who get him all over the place? I also wondered can I purchase a dvd or VHS of all his fights somewhere on the net.

Aside from Travis, I could not believe the poor quality of broadcasters on these dvd's Joe Lewis and Ned Smith? Now Joe has to have some credit cause he has fought and all but someone teach this Ned Smith guy some MMA knowledge. Eddie Goldman, I have heard him on his radio show an all but how thick is his damn glasses....Peace, Outty 5,000!

Travis is "the Ironman of NHB". He has more NHB fights than anyone in the world. He is closing in on 200 fights. You should get "Travis Fultons greatest hits" to see a lot more of him. That tape is several years old though, I dont know if he has something more rescent or not.

travis also really likes porn. Sometimes I wonder if he is my real father.

Travis lives in Iowa for the animals. He also started a class action lawsuit against Screw magazine for carpal tunnel.

TTT for a Fulton box set!

Travis Fulton is indeed very Rich and powerful. He doesn't really like porn though unless he is in it.

the bad side of that is he's usually on the receiving end of a Peter North frosting in his porn career

Hey Clayton. If you send me a Fulton tape I'll burn it onto DVD for

a tape of his fights or his gay porn career?

So THATS why he has that pervert moustache?

when I think of rich 4 names pop into mind:


2: Jobs

3: Fulton

4: Trump

In that order

If Kimbo gets his bread, Fulton gets the bakery.

Fulton invented bottled water.

People talk about legends of our sport... Fulton is going to be one of this sports true legends. Imagine 30 years from now telling your grand kids about "this guy" who had over 200 fights, traveled in his own car hours at a time to get there etc etc

does fulton have a corner?

Fulton is known as the Grandfather of the modern sewing machine spindle.

Fulton once killed a man with a guitar string

One time Fulton killed 2 game pitbulls with one hand and a button.

here's to Bill Fulton....

he's two years younger than me and he's my father

Fulton once beat an octupus in a game of twister.

Don't dis the master of Fulton Fu.