Travis Fulton's 2004 record

21-1. Not bad.

Travis is the man.

I talked to Travis last night in Wisconsin and he admits that he is tired of fighting bums, he needs to fight somebody that will get him somewhere. On January 15th he has a decent opponant, Kyle Olsen. His pro record is 13-10.

Amen to that, the most underrated mma fighter in ther USA with vast match experience.

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the one loss is to some black guy, thats why travis is so bitter.

whats his overall record?

looking forward to seeing the iron man in south mississippi fighting at reality combat in mid february

sherdog says 155-40-9 max, but i think they are wrong on a few of them as to the details.

travis would be glad to clear them up

Travis is always e-mailing me. So I think he would have told me if anything was wrong.

Heck Id be the first to admit that almost everybody I fought last year was compeletly out of my league and had no business being in the ring with me. Dont let a record fool you though, Don Richard is a tough guy. Everybody always asks how I got so many fights, but I live in the fight mecca of the US. There is a mma fighting event of some sort in Iowa nearly every weekend. Im not anywhere near as gung ho about fighting as I was back in 1996, 97, and 98, but I still like to do it.

The reason I fought so many bums last year was either because it was a small event and they needed a fight filler, or my orginal opponent would pull out and they'd have to find a replacement on short notice. Im told that Im very difficult to find a fight for. Plus when youre there, and they're waving decent money in front of your face to beat a guy who you know you can beat with ease, youd be a fool not to go ahead and do it.

People can say they're not intimidated by me, but I was supposed to fight last night in Racine and 2 guys from ATT and a local bad ass fighter accepted and then later pulled out of the fight against me, so I didnt have an opponent.

Im fighting Kyle Olsen in my hometown next Friday. He is no joke and has beaten some very good fighters. Im looking forward to fighting some tough guys this year.

Also Id say Im better now than I was when I fought in the UFC, I just havent been given the same oppurtunities that I did then because I took so many dumb fights over the last couple of years. Id pick up wins against guys like Joe Riggs, Cabbage, etc and then Id always seem to counter that win with a loss within a few weeks. My stupidity I guess.

Also I lost to Greg Wiken and Ray Seraille in 2003, 2 guys that I should have been able to beat easily. There is no worse feeling than losing to somebody that youve beaten before or somebody you should have easily beaten. It was kind of an eye opener, and I finally started training hard in May of last year. Anybody who has seen me lately can tell you that Im not quite the fat headed, beer bellied(although I rarely drink) fat ass that I became over the last few years.

PS: Last time I checked Eric Pele wasnt black. Thats like calling Tiger Woods a mexican.

My overall mma record is 154-35-7.

Big shout out to all the haters!!!!

Also one more thing, I dont count pancrase style matches on my record. It takes away alot of my game and has totally different rules. Boxers dont count kickboxing matches on their records and vice versa.

Plus not to be a baby. but I count my 2nd fight with George Allen as a KO win. Lots of controversy surrounding the fight and the promoter has yet to produce a tape to challenge my arguement.

Soon Im going to work on getting my decision loss to Mike Radnov reversed as well because I have several reliable sources as well as the judges of the fight who said that they had given me the win by split decision and the promoter(who happened to be very shady) took the score cards and told the announcer to announce Radnov the winner because he was the hometown boy.

Thanks for the props Travis.My record sucks because I made a career out of stepping up on short notice or fighting guys that nobody else wants to fight.Hopefully 2005 will be a better year :)

Musashi=guy who'd be murdered by the bums Ive beaten...not to mention homosexual. Yes its true, one more UG patron's secrets exposed by your's truly.

Don you are a tough guy. Just been thrown some difficult matches.

I probably dont even drink that much. Maybe once a month at the most. I dont go out very often.

Travis are you still fighitng Ron Fields at Reality Fighting on Feb 19? Around what are you weighing in at right now. I think it would be great if you walked around at 220 and took fights at both LHW and HW.

Travis should write a book, autobio. Chapter 4 should read, "how to deal with the negro problem".

"Thats like calling Tiger Woods a mexican. "

Tiger's not a mexican?

Nice one.


Thanks for weighing in, you remain one of the coolest Green Namers on this forum.

Except, of course, for Krull. Ron would kick Fulton's ass any day of the week.

Travis Fulton - Iron is black. As a card-carrying racist, aren't you offended by being called the Ironman?