travis fultons show 1/17/03?

what was it called? iowa challenge or something? travis, if you see this can you post the results lil buddy? yes i was there, but i dont know the names of all the fighters or the show.

check FCF for AFA results

as usual clayton, you are correct, it is there!

American fighting association: judgement night
fort dodge national armory 1/17/04

1st fight: vern jefferson vs matt bauler; this was a case of too much experience against youth. the young bauler shot in on vern and was immedietly caught in a guillotine. vern is like a vice grip and once he clamps on a submission, it is hard to get away. the young bauler tapped at 30 seconds into rd one. vern didnt break a sweat.

2nd fight: mike van meer vs richard harper; harper had reach and height on the compact van meer. they clinched and threw knees and upper cuts most of the 1st rd. mike worked a nifty take down and landed some power shots just before the bell. 2nd round has them clinch again and they throw some more knees and punches. mikey gets another great takedown and proceeds to work in harpers gaurd. he then does his rolling toe hold out of the gaurd and harper fights the submission as mikey also lands two kicks while torquing the toe. he lets it go and scrambles to stay on top and rain down some more punches. the round ends and harper doesnt come out for the 3rd round. nice fight and mikey looked very good. he is an exciting fighter.

3rd fight; joe mcburney vs gjermund larsen; this one was over quick as joe worked the armbar from the bottom very quickly. larsen had to tap at the 36 sec mark. smooth technique by joe.

4th fight; dan anderson vs manuel quiroz; another quick fight as manuel shot in for the takedown about a sec after the bell. he got the takedown, but danny worked his butterfly gaurd and reversed position to get mount. he landed one punch and manuel turned over and danny applied a rear naked choke to end the fight at 49 seconds. the highlight of the evening was danny's attempt to jump over the top rope to exit the ring. basically he did a coleman flop and garnered much laughter but the humble danny played it off laughed as well. impressive technique by anderson.


5th fight; tyrone roberts vs ryan antle; ryan came out and threw a combo and one of the punches made a loud smack. it didnt seem to bother tyrone as he then started to push the action as they both started swinging. ryan initiated a clinch and tryone tried a throw out of it. i cant recall but he did get ryan down and then just started letting his hands go from side mount or cross body, i cant remember. ryans corner threw in the towel at the 1:12 mark as roberts landed about 2 dozen punches. tyrone has got really fast hands, an iron jaw and a lot of power. hats off to ryan for stepping up w/the UFC vet.

6th fight; josh neer vs joe jordan; this was a pretty good fight as these guys continually banged and hit each other non stop. joe got the lone takedown of the fight in the 1st round but was unable to do much in neer's gaurd. as the fight progressed josh was walking right through many of joes punches. josh landed a leg kick that dropped the exhausted joe in the 3rd round i think, but he quickly got up and started punching again. he never stopped punching it seemed and josh didnt seem to mind as he looked to land some knees from the clinch most of the fight. it went to a decision and was declared a draw. i thought josh may have eeked out a win but joe probably landed more punches and he did have the takedown, that might have evened it out in the judges eyes. i think if they fought another round or had it been 5 minute rds, josh would have asserted himself more clearly as he was ready for more. he is an aerobic machine that hits very hard. joe looked very tired but he has a ton of heart and doesnt know the meaning of quiting. he just kept going against somebody that was obviously better conditioned. i hope to see them both fighting again.

7th fight; echo eggert vs michelle kimm; the fight of the night! i havent really been too keen on seeing girls fight, but training with echo has made me a little more open minded. she throws very hard punches in combinations thanks to her coach hurricane halverson and her desire to fight seriously. she continually landed on the game kimm, but kimm took them and kept coming. kimm looked dazed and fatigued a few times, she tried to take echo down a few times, but it would backfire as echo would always find a way to land on top or get better position. however, when echo gained superior position and looked to end it with a barrage of punches, the bell would ring. kimm was very tired but kept coming after echo in the 2nd and 3rd round as echo continued to listen to her corner and land her shots. eventually, kimmm tried another takedown to try her luck there, only to have echo land in mount and swing over for a nice armbar for the win at 2:20 of the 3rd round. echo was impressive and we at DMEF are very proud of her. as she gets more experience and develops better cardio and technique she will gain more attention. she has a "look" that will make her very popular as she is, to put it simply, a 'knockout'.

whens the next show travis?


Damn, sounds like it was a good show. Wish I could have been there. TTT Travis.

The next showis Friday in Waterloo.Everyone needs to go to this one.My boy Kendrick is fighting in the tournament and I may be making an appearance

Where and what time, Miller. Maybe we can see one of his flying stomps?

appearance as in fighting or as standing around crackin jokes?

Warfrog has "KO'ed" this thread with the correctness.

"My boy Kendrick" he one of your guys miller. I guess I'm fighting him in the first round.

and jay imbibed the correctness till he cant stand no more. how was the rest of your evening jay? the madman j. jerome didnt rub his nuts on ya did he? from what i have heard, i am glad i am an old fart and went home.

The next fight is this Friday Jan 23rd in Waterloo. There will be 13 fights with a bantamweight and women's tournaments for the belts.

Kirk Nielsen vs Matt Bauler tournament match
Joe McBurney vs Kendirck Johnson tournament match
Olivia Ziola vs TBA tournament match
Michelle Kimm vs Megan Smith tournament match
Carl Burchard vs Mike Preece
Davey Conger vs Cody Bolinger
Vern Jefferson vs Mitch Baruth
Bryan Robinson vs TBA
Tyrone Roberts vs TBA
Travis Fulton vs TBA

"appearance as in fighting or as standing around crackin jokes?"

Which would you prefer?

yer talented, how bout both?

DMEF lightweight fighter Brad Aller fell victim to the Fighting Jerome's "cyst", I in turn got my ass handed to me by the fighting squirrel Brad Aller.

Although I cant quite recall the play by play, our royal rumble in the Ft Dodge dive actually caused a real fight to insue outside! From the way I feel today, I was probably involved in that as well.

Looks like we will be back to raise some hell THIS weekend, Big Poppa Schnake is coming to town to announce at the Toad this Friday. Hell, I still havnt recovered from last weekend....


What's the tournament Travis? Cause you have the women's fight listed as being in the tournament if I read that post correctly.

It's an AFA event? Good luck on it.

olivia will open some eyes. vern has put some wins together and tyrone is a bad man, good luck to all of the fighters, especially the afore mentioned.

j. jeromes cyst? lol. i am glad i didnt take him up on his offer to go with him outside then! lol.

ttt for clayton to make an appearance w/some new material! i dont know if the ol lady will let me out 2 weekends in a row, especially since i told worm i would come down to the toad on the next friday that gobott goes there. where are the fights in waterloo travis?

Danny enjoyed a nice chicken leg with "cyst" juice. And the Squirrel just enjoyed a naked "cyst".

warfrog- I was going to let you see the "cycst" but when i got a look at the new doo I forgot all about it.