Travis Wiuff

 regardless of what you thought about the yamma Travis is a bad ass. Beat Bush, Ricco and Tuchscherer in one night. Thats pretty awesome.

Im a new fan.

Did anyone take you up on your screen name bet?

 I dont think so. I would have won though which is something new

 Did you watch the fights Kurle?

Congrats to Travis.

So glad I didn't pay for that shit last night though.

Yamma is fucking awful.

 Props to Bryan Vetell for his win though too.

 That announcer was funny, I mean funny funny, not haha funny.

 there were more fights?

I didn't get to watch it. Not surprising outcome from the tournament. Strong wrestlers make it to the finals after taking and holding down their opponents. Good strategy for a 5 minute round.

 He beat Marcelo Pereira, not Bush but, yeah dude, I agree.

No matter what you thought of the event, Travis proved he should be fighting on a different level show. Elite would be good or even the UFC.

Travis is a great fighters and I hope to see him more.  A 52-11 record is simply staggering.

 It had to be weird for all the fighters fighting in the Yamma. I think Tuchscherer did awesome also. He has only been training with a real camp for a few months and I can see his progress. That guy can take a shot. Once he gets more comfortable on his feet he will be tough to beat.

didnt tuchscherer already fight wiuff before or am i thinkin of someone else?

 no that was a first


Congrats to Diesel.


 he kinda looks like chris leben in the second pic, lol. He should paint his nails and die his hair red.

 No, he shouldn't.

Winning that tourney last night will not do a thing for one's career. Yamma = Biggest Piece of Shit Ever. It made some of the IFL and Bodogs fights look like Huerta/Guida.

Awful awful show....