Treadmill cardio routine


Just after some feedback on a treadmill routine I do, I'm hopefully fighting in about 12 weeks and I'm just trying to figure out if this is a worthwhile addition to my routine:

1 Min @ 10kph (6.2mph)
1 Min @ 10.5kph (6.5mph)
1 Min @ 11kph (6.8mph)
1 Min @ 12kph (7.5mph)
1 Min @ 13kph (8.1mph)

I do this four times in a row, with a little bit of incline (usually 2.5deg) in the last 5 minutes and the 13kph is normally dragged out to 2.5minutes so the whole thing ends up being about 21 minutes.

Any feedback? Too short? Too slow etc?


How do you normally feel afterwards?

21 minutes is probably about right if you're trying to match the demands of a fight in terms of duration but you'd probably want to increase the intensity.

The trouble with treadmills is it's hard to match the sharp up/down intensities unless you can programme it in somehow - when your running on the road it's much easier to add sprints and quickly change the tempo.

I'd try mixing it up a little bit. Whats the fastest speed you can maintain on the treadmill?

your speed is irrelevant. what is your target heart rate and what are you reaching?

I can't personally judge your routine because I think only you know how demanding it is and what your fitness level is.

Personally, I am using a LifeFitness treadmill. It has a "speed-interval" settting where I can adjust the weight, time, incline, jogging speed and sprinting speed. Therefore I can do intervals and change from jogging to sprinting speeds at the touch of a button.

My heart rate at the end is between 155-170 (which is target) and I'm sweating like a pig, but I feel 'good'.

The max speed the thing will do is 13kph (8.1 mph) so I should probably add some more incline?