Treating fighters like right!

For immediate release from FY Fight Productions,
Sunday, January 4th, 2004
Denver, CO
One of the worst misconceptions about combat
sports (MMA and Kick Boxing) is that the
participants belong to the worst elements of
today's society, dangerous, brutish, thugs. Why
else would they want to fight right? Wrong! I have
always taken the stand that true combat sports (
tough man fights need not apply!) have always
had some of the most conditioned ATHLETES in
the world. In every single one of my events, I
always take the time to acknowledge this fact to the
crowd. I want the participants to be recognized as
true athletes and I really want the athletes to
consider themselves as such. After all, what else
can you call a person who takes time away from
loved ones to hit the gym 5-6 days a week?
Someone who spend this time cross training in
different disciplines such as boxing, kick boxing,
wrestling, and Jiu-jitsu. Someone who hits the
weights 3-4 times a week. Someone who gets up
early to get 3 miles of road work in? Someone who
watches their diet everyday to stay at competition
weight? But it doesn't stop there.
Besides being athletes, these guys and girls are
also entertainers. The ring is their stage. They
keep the fans on the edge of their seats when all
the training is finally put to work. And they do all this
for very little compensation, in fact compared to
other professional sports their pay days can be
described as miniscule at best.
It is for these reasons that I am proud to announce
a partnership with two new companies. These new
sponsors will help me to provide a little of the
comforts that the rest of the professional sports
world takes for granted. First off, A FIVE STAR
LIMOUSINE , Denver's classiest limo service, has
agreed to be the official transportation service of
Ring Of Fire athletes. The management of A FIVE
STAR LIMOUSINE agrees that today's
combat sports competitors are among the elite,
and should be treated as such. The athletes will
be treated like VIP's when picked up from the
airport in state of the art limousines and shuttled to
and from the host hotel.
And speaking of the host hotel, WOODFIELD
SUITES of Denver has signed on board to take
care of the athletes on their stay in the Denver
area. The fighters will be staying in two room
suites rather then just a standard hotel room. All
rooms have their own living room, mini kitchen,
and private sleeping quarters. The property has a
large swimming pool and Jacuzzi area, as well
as a complete  fitness center at the athletes
disposal. WOODFIELD SUITES of Denver , is also
located just behind the Brothers Barbecue
Arapahoe location, and the fighters will be able to
enjoy the best chicken sandwich in Denver!
WOODFIELD SUITES has also blocked off a large
group of rooms available for family, friends and
fans of RING OF FIRE at a special discount rate of
only $59.00 a night.  This rate includes both
breakfast in the morning, and complimentary
cocktails to all guests between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m.
Now that is a great deal.
I am very happy to add both A FIVE STAR
my list of sponsors. Please show your support to
the companies that support RING OF FIRE and the
sport as a whole.
Thank You,
Sven Bean
FY Fight Productions, INC

Sven is a class act all the way. He's got fighters lining up wanting to be in his events.

And even better he takes just as good of care with the fans.

Kirik,paragraphs are our friend.I fried my brain trying to read the first 4 sentences and called it a day

Good times!

Also, "br"