Trent Green owns the draft

According to J. Clayton this morning.

Basically where he goes, will determine how the draft goes....

I was listening to a well named source in the raider organization on online radio, and he said dont beleive everything ESPN puts out

basically alot of these player agents are the ones who come up with scenarios for their current players to try and improve their money situation.

That's so much BS. If the fins pick up Green they will drop Culpepper and if they do Raiders will pick him up and select C. Johnson. But who in their honest mind doesnt think the fins are releasing Culpepper regardless?

Look, I hate Oakland, Denver hates Oakland, and the Raiders feel the same way. Not a chance in HELL they allow Trent Green, or anyone worth anything go to Oakland. The last thing you want is another team in your division getting a QB you know is a solid QB. I call BS. Not a chance.


Clayton freaks me out I hate watching him on tv. He looks like an alien or something!!!

I dunno guys, I think the chiefs are asking too much for Green. I would be pretty sure that Green moves somewhere in the draft. Alan Faneca is asking to be traded as well, pro bowl OL dont show up very often in draft day trades, someone might pick him up and the Steelers could throw a monkey wrench in some teams plans.