Trevor beat Dave Menne tonight...

but since the show was in Mennes hometown they gave him the split decision. total bullshit. the guy couldnt see out of both eyes they were so swollen. in neutral territory Trevor would have got it for sure.

ttt for more results. Especially the Chris Fontaine fight.

I scored round 1 for Trevor and rounds 2 and 3 were clearly for Menne. He had at least 4 takedowns in round 3 alone and mounted Trevor repeatedly through those rounds.

Again, the damage that Menne encurred was from round 1, but even then, Menne had at least 4 solid submission attempts that Trevor had to power out of in round 1.

Fontaine lost to Fields.

You guys sure are being vague here!

Who is "Trevor"?

What event? What was the rest of the card and results?

Menne certainly took the largest amount of abuse, but almost all of it occurred in round one, which all of the judges gave to Garrett. Menne won rounds 2 and 3 by controlling the fight... taking it to the ground and gaining mount both rounds.

If it was all one round, Garrett would win... but when you score by rounds it doesn't work that way. neither Garrett nor Fields (his trainer) argued at all.

bradu - it was Extreme Challenge in Minnesota on 11/12.

full results Monte?

Somehow, I misplaced the official results... here they are by memory...

Reed Wismer def. Mike Belker, ref stoppage due to elbows, 1:30 Rd. 2 (4:30).

Ryan Antle def. Cliff Saunders, ref stoppage due to strikes, 1:20 Rd. 2 (4:20).

Ron Fields def. Chris Fontaine, triangle choke, 2:30 Rd. 1.

Joe Jordan def. Vern Jefferson, Ref stoppage due to elbows, 2:40 Rd. 1.

Clay Guida def. Randy Hauer, ref stoppage due to strikes, 2:25 Rd. 1.

Daryl Guthmiller def. Tyrone Roberts, unanimous dec., 15:00.

Sean Sherk def. Lee King, arm-triangle, 2:20 Rd. 1.

Roger Huerta def. Jake Short, rear choke, :37 Rd. 3 (10:37).

Dave Menne def. Trevor Garrett, split decision, 15:00.

sherk should be headlining in ufc or fighting in japan

Lee King is the greatest name ever. It's pronounced "leaking"

Trevor Garret and Ron Fields are both very cool!

I picked them up from the airport and they both were very cool to talk to!

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any pics from menne from that fight, thanks all


wow, that was a pretty stacked card!

haha, cool thread.

who wants to get trevor on their card, now dammit???

LittleBoy - wow, that was a pretty stacked card!

i miss the good ole days.