Trevor Berbick vs Takada vid


 Talk about a downward spiral...from beating Ali (when he was over the hill) to this and then finally ending up getting murdered with a machete a couple of years ago.



Jesus, he made Takada look like Crocop!


 Doublecross ?  Looks like Berbeck agreed to kicks above the waist.

Strange guy.

Gotta see the Berbeck/Holmes parking lot battle

 Holmes / Bebick parking lot brawl

real fight

LMAO @ holmes flying kick


Berbick was murdered by a machete?

It's stuff like that that always made me think that Takada would do well in MMA prior to the Rickson fights. Granted injuries pretty much crippled him, but once he started fighting people that knew what they were doing, he became one of the most timid MMA fighters of all time.

He was well trained and fairly athletic. Too bad he was scared to death.

TTT for best fight ever, bernardo vs takada

He was murdered by two men with a steel pipe, not a machete. One of the men was his nephew.

Damn........Larry's pretty agile for his size.

Makes one wonder how he would have done in his prime as a MMA fighter.

His flying kick rivals Bruce Lees imo

Takada with the kick to the head for the KO!

I love Takada vs. Berbick.

That Holmes flying knee off a car is awesome.

ttt for later

someone put up the press conference brawl between Riddick Bowe and another dude..a very hard left/right combo to the jaw and the dude takes it....i was like ouch!

For anyone who's interested: