Trevor Garrett is BACK and Lookin' for a fight!

If you have seen Trevor fight, you already know who he is. His record isn't the best, but he took a ton of tough fights. We are thinking 170 for now, but 155 may happen.

Unless you are flying us, we are looking for WI, IL, OH, IN, or thereabouts.

8 pro fights vs UFC vets (wins over Rory Markham and Charles McCarthy, and anyone who saw his fight vs Menne knows he got screwed).

Heavy hands, and is ready to go late November or on.

He hasn't fought in 2 years, but is training full time now.

please email me with opportunities. thanx!!!


ummmm... yeah we'll take that one.


155? Lordy, don't kill 'im.

LoganClark - 155? Lordy, don't kill 'im.

I'm still wondering which limb he's hacking off.


and quinn will be 1-2 if we can make that happen.

 Trevor's a tough guy! Get this man a fight.

 May have an open spot on a Pro. Card here in Columbus on Nov.28!

Please contact me and leave me a number where to reach you. (


- Dustin

on the way.

training with neal rowe on his stand up as well now and another boxing coach.

trev is back in the gym with us and its fun

Awesome. I can't wait to see him fight again!!!


dustin- did you get my email?

c'mon guys. keep this up top for us.

trev is fat and walks funny


lol so im a little pidgeon toed, lol. I can def. get down to 155. I made it to 163 first little attempt. I want my first fight at 170, then I will try the cut again. I could cut my pidgeon feet off and fight 155 now and just front kick people. thanks everyone. I will not get beat, thanks to richard brown,tom fischer, neal rowe, mike swank for helping my stand up war

hey you fucker

thank me too.
what a dick

Ill see u in 10 min vengance. i was thanking my striking people. you are my strength coach


trevor will be in the big show, he's got a ton of support.



Trevor are you cutting off a leg?!

we trust him enough in his stand up to only have one arm. he'll be fine.