Trevor Prangley Interview......

Trevor Prangley at InsideFighting.comGood stuff.


ttt...nice interview!!!...Go Prangley!!!


I dont think his opponent is Smemenov anymore


Prangley is a stud all the way. Everyone at RUas Vale Tudo will vouch for that.

If Prangley wins versus Semenov ... I'd like to see Villasenor (Joey is another fighter that started out fighting at 205, but dropped down for the same reasons Trevor did) vs. Prangley in a title elimination bout for KOTC (the champ is Tony Bonello).


A very tough guy that I trained fought him in 1999 and lost to him. Prangley subbed my guy with a rear naked.

Another Prangley interview is up at

trevor is top notch. he came out and worked with us at aka for this past week.

UFC PLEASE SIGN HIM WHEN HE WINS, UFC middleweight division needs someone like Prangley, awesome fighter at 205lbs at middleweight (185lbs) he should be unstoppable. TTT for Trevor Prangley.

and yet, even more Prangley....Russia vs. USA with Trevor Prangley