Trial in the death of Ahmaud Arbery

jury slection finished today - only 1 black juror

this comes after the defense counsel said publicly during selection that the jury needed more bubba’s and joe six-pack’s lol wtf?

people are going to be really upset about this but the prosecution protested and the judge considered it , he decided there were other valid reason for the defense to have struck so many non-white people from the jury

pretty interesting that it took 2 1/2 weeks for them to seat this jury while they got it done in one day in the rittenhouse case

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I don’t know if you’re going to get any impartial black person to sit on that jury. Maybe 5-10 years ago pre-blm you could have but not today.


Christmas is coming…great time to loot a whole bunch of stores.


What’s this one about?

I forget.



I wonder if these trials are tactically scheduled for cold weather so that the disenfranchised don’t burn down their own cities.


Ok ok.

What are the men being charged with?

aggravated assault and felony murder

“The defense was given 24 strikes, the state was given 12 strikes,” the prosecutor said, noting that before the tentatively final 12-person jury panel was selected, “we had 12 African American jurors…[and] 36 white jurors.”

“So African American jurors made up one-quarter of the jury panel. But the actual jury that was selected only has one African American male on it. It has 11 white people on it,” she said.

Dunikoski went on to argue that the defense “disproportionately” chose to boot out 11 Black jurors in their final striking decisions."

Maybe their peers are white…

They’re gonna bitch every step of the way no matter what so fuck em.


Crazy thing is that 1 black juror is enough for white guilt to take hold in that jury room and for there not to be a fair trial.


Do any of the white people jog?

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Innocent Black man casually jogging through White neighborhood is mercilessly hunted down and murdered for being Black.

Meanwhile out in reality…

‘Jogger’ was a convicted felon from a different town who was caught trespassing in a renovated house and then fled the scene when a neighbour said he was calling the police. A pair of local rednecks drove after and attempted to question ‘Jogger’ at which point he ran at and assaulted them, attempting to wrest a shotgun from one of them.

‘Jogger’ collected Darwin Award.


After seeing his previous interaction with police I am glad he is dead,violent asshole.

I have no idea how the trial will/should turn out.


They will get convicted.


opening statements tomorrow, i think there are cameras for this trial too

Don’t know the details of the trial, but I’m guessing they get convicted of something and rightfully so.

Yeah I don’t think they will get a fair trial, but I do also think a fair trial would probably convict them of something. They will probably get found guilty on everything though because it wont be fair.

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i heard something today that i dont remember hearing before - that roddy actually hit arbery with his truck before they stopped him and had the altercation, evidence to justify arbery believing they intended him harm when they stopped him.