I have a question regarding triangle chokes. I am a short guy 5'7 and I have major problems trying triangle chokes. How does a tall midget like myself do a triangle?

Should I just stay away from them?

(They can send men to the moon, but they can't make a pill that makes you taller?????? DAMN!!!!!!!


BTW, I have very little flexibility.

Angles & positioning. You're not going to be doing a triangle on anybody from straight on, but you can get them when you get close to a 90 degree angle on your opponent.

If you've got your legs locked on and you're facing him straight on, you've gotta adjust so that you can claim your angle, then sink the choke in. If you've got good control, you can do this in small increments, getting slightly better control & positioning with each little move, until you've got it sunk in tightly

I am the same height as you are. The triangle works great for me against kids, women and smaller guys :)

try and get the leg that is across the back as high towards his head as possible. the triangle is not a bread and butter move for someone with short thick legs. i have thick legs and have problems with it as well. my advice is to keep working it and entering into it, but get very good at the kimura if his arm is on one side and the straight armlock if his arm is on the other. that way if you don't feel you can get it, you can use it to maintain control and then flow to another finish.

try the "fat guy" triangle also known as the diamond.

I dont think you need to be able to triangle. Seriously. I mean, ask your instructor to show you how to make it work for you, drill it a ton of times, keep trying it in sparring, but if you see that you arent built for it, let it go. There are some techniques that favor a certain build. The triangle is pretty universal, but there may be higher percentage options for you based on your body type and approach.

anybody can get a triangle

jazzfan, that is simply not true.

i agree with andre, i have a guy i roll with who is a newb, i could get basically any submission, any position on him, either side, stuff i haven't practiced, but still have a bit of a hard time with the triangle. i like to get it as a control position and then go to either the straight armlock or kimura from there.

I'm 5'6", 190 lbs with short, thick legs. I gave up on the triangle years ago. Have finished people with the diamond though.

I used to think stocky guys couldn't triangle, but Steve Kim(black belt) has a great triangle, and he is probably 5-7. You really need to switch angles. I also think you do need to know how to triangle, even if it isn't ideal for your body type, because it really sucks when you need to do it, but never drilled it.


I think everyone can do it against a static opponent or in a drill, but there are some builds or types who are just better served spending the time to develop a different technique for the same situation. It's like teaching Roger Gracie the double leg. Sure, he could pull it off on some people, but with his height, he'd be better served working singles or judo takedowns that didnt require such an extreme level change and penetration.

is there a vid somewhere of the diamond... or pictures..


If you train gi, why don't you try an "armless triangle"--one where you figure-four the neck only, not the neck and the arm. Your legs don't have to be as long that way. Reach across with your right hand and take a palm-up grip on his right collar like you're setting up for a choke. Then sling your right leg over his neck and lock it with your left leg.  

I am close to your size and do not have long legs at all.

First, break them down and keep them down, this will make getting the correct positioning much easier.

You want to get perpendicular with him. One way to do this while breaking him down is to use the foot on the hip method to turn your body, except put the foot on the knee and push that way. It will turn you while it takes your opponents baseout.

Also, have a game plan of who you will try to triangle and who you will pass it up.

Some of the bigger guys with really broad shoulders I know that I would have to land it perfect to get the tap, so I may choose a different attack.

I dont know if the diamond is the same thing, but you should definately learn the triangle finish where you reach around your legs and squeeze. I use this more then the reg triangle now

devo, i pray you're a woman.

i know marcelo has shown a triangle variation on one of his tapes. he has a shorter stocky build. granted, his skill level is beyond most anyone posting here.
I think that anyone can do the triangle in a training (static, light resistance) situation. changing the angles will help a lot. in a live situation, you may not be able to rely on this as a staple. I would suggest working it on complete beginners, guys you could pull anything off against. once you've gained a little confidence, try it against more competitive training partners.

keep working on it

some of the best triangle guys i know are dumpy bastards and they make it look easy... so its not your bodytype

Having short legs is one thing, having thick legs is another, and having inflexible legs is yet another.

So if you want to triangle better and can't "grow long legs " haha why not lose the excess fat/muscle around the thighs, and stretch a lot?

Thats what I did and my triangle is 100% better.

grappler 2010

it's called diminishing returns. if you have short thick legs, you are better of spending your time improving other attacks than trying to finish a triangle, especially vs guys with thick torsos, shoulders and necks.