Triangle defense HELP!!!!

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allchokedup - man, we have a 200# guy at my gym and he will triangle you to living death. He is tall and strong and i am only 5'9 145#. Once he gets it locked up you dont have much of a chance. Something i have had a bit of success with is posturing up and getting a knee up in his butt and work for something like a knee up the middle pass. like right up the middle so i can pry back and the knee up the middle will kep him from locking it all the way up. But it is really a race because there is a point of no return.
First bit of advice is pass standing, dont ever want to be in his closed gaurd. His legs alone will wear you out.
Second is control his feet. Will be impossible to triangle you while controling feet.
Dont try to pass until you have his hips under control and legs pinned.

this guy at my gym has triangled me with one of my legs in! lol thats how long his legs are

Same with this guy he is so long and stone he just over powers me. He isn't getting me with so clean setup we start from our knees he puts his feet out and grab my lapel and sleeve and just pulls them as hard as he can and I just get worn out. Phone Post

For rva



This is my favorite defense.

Check oil and smile Phone Post 3.0

I use this when i am stuck in a triangle and it is either tap or try this one, It's by no means a "good defense," as soon as he has you in the position raise your crossed shoulder and scoot back. This should take the pressure off the blood choke, and if you get your bicep up across the bridge of your nose you'll have a space to breath. This opens you for the arm bar, so just be aware of it. This is the defense i use the most if i am already in a bad position, and just need to hang on. eventually from, there either you're going to make a mistake and give up that arm to get triangled or that arm bar, but if you can stick it out constantly keep moving and make it hard for him to really lock it up usually people will gas their legs, or get frustrated and try and transition to something else. when that transition happens you have to get out of dodge and scramble.

Best of luck on your journey


tswanson223 - I am a 155lbs blue and a 200lbs tall lanky white belt has been triangleing the shot out of me. I try to keep my elbows in. I try to pin down his leg and pass when he goes to throw it over my shoulder. I try to look at the ceiling and posture up or hide my arm from going across my body, but he is just too strong it seems like no matter what I do he can just break my grip and straighten my arm out then across. Please help! Phone Post
If you sit and put your foot in his armpit and can grab his wrist /sleeve/or even near his hip on the same side before he licks your head down you can use that leverage to push him away/push against the legs to escape.

I think it works best on the locking side (where his ankles are).

U wanna kind push forward then plop back on your butt and get your foot on something to push against.

It works for me pretty well as long as you don't wait too long - I'm 150-155 lbs , 5'9 blue belt not particularly athletic Phone Post 3.0

Hopefully there is no licking Phone Post 3.0