triangle from 1/2 guard??

another half guard thread.. does anyone know the details of the entry to triangle choke from half guard? i think it starts from the overhook and then the guy on the bottom puts his shin across his opponents belly. afterwards i have no idea how the move continues on. i often see mike fowler pull this move in competition. anyone have info on this move?

I know of an entry from butterfly guard that would probably work from half guard.....time for me to try it and see!

Fowler is the king of that move. I am not nearly flexible enough to do it.

Hmm...from your description of the setup, it sounds like the next thing would be to control his far wrist. If he has the underhook and is looking to pass even though you have your knee wedged in there, he might try to push your knee down with his free hand or post on the mat. That could be a chance to capture it. Once you've got his wrist, the trick would just be to get your bottom leg free to jump over that arm and slap on the triangle.

Fowler hit a nice triangle from bottom on 101 Submissions, I didn't realize it was from half-guard, though. I'll have to go back and watch that again.

JJ Machado shows something similar in his book, but he goes into an omaplata instead.

yes, it is from the overhook and you use it when your opponent tries to create unhook the half guard, and use the previously hooked foot to push away at the opponent's hip, then you quickly pop your hips up, throwing the push-off foot over the arm/shoulder, switch your hips and cross your legs. Reach up, grap your ankle and pull it down into the's hard to picture, but I hope this helps.


I would suggest watching Mike Fowler, especially his matches from the
last World Grappling Games. I think he hit it like 4 times in 3 days.




Do you guys sell the world grappling games with Fowler hitting the triangle from half guard?