Triangle problem

My triangle choke sucks. I think it's because my legs are so damn short and thick; I have a 29" inseam and I used to squat a lot, so my legs are kind of bulky. Everytime I try to hit a triangle I'm getting my leg on the shoulder and back. It's also very hard for me to pull that leg up so I can lock it with the other; it's almost so tight that I can't seem to pull it any farther to lock it. I really want to have a good triangle attack, and I don't want any excuses not to have one. There must be some short stocky guys out there with a good triangle choke. Any advice?

Man, I have the same problem as you, my legs are pretty much the same size, and dam short. I don't worry about the triangle anymore unless it's against smaller guys, otherwise I've worked more on using it as a setup for armbars, oma pulata, and other attacks/sweeps. I just use it as a feint.

Hope that helps a bit.

I'm 5'9, and 215, so I'm pretty stocky with thick legs also, I used to have trouble with the triangle also, the main thing to remember is to get the right angle in your setup. Once you have the legs around the head and arm, try to literally shove your hips into his neck while at the same time twisting your body to line up with the shin going across the opponents neck, kinda like when you want to be at a right angle when you go for an armbar, so you're perpendicular to your opponent. That will make it much easier to lock it in.

DSIL, I have thought about using it just as a feint/setup, but I hate the fact that I can't do something as well as others, lol. But I may have to do that until I can solve this problem.

Tapsalot, thanks, I'll try that.

I'm in the same boat, 5'9, 220#, 17" calves, etc. Turning completely perpendicular to your opponent as you put your leg across the back of his neck is the key.


after you get it aligned correctly, in addition to double-teaming the head, also think about squeezing your knees together. I used to fopcus more on just pulling the overhooked heel to my butt, but squeezing, especially with thick thighs, can put on a lot more pressure and helped me finish the hold.