Triangle re-counter

I sometimes get in the following scenario:

I have my opponent in my guard and I'm about to do the triangle setup in which I push his arm to the outside and snake my shin over his bicep and onto his neck. But he wraps that arm tight around my calf or knee (so it's hard to get my leg onto his neck) and starts to push on my upper body with his other arm. Needless to say, he's also extremely strong.

What would you guys do in this situation (no-gi)?



Umm... sounds like an omoplata trigger point to me...
Or wraps he it the other way?
Wiggle and regain guard...?
Switch to armbar?
What have you yourself come up with?

More detailed description please...

"sounds like an omoplata trigger point to me"

Yes, that has sometimes worked. And no - he doesn't wrap it the other way.

"Switch to armbar?" That has sometimes worked and it looks like one of the best options, but I'm not sure about the details of such an armbar - f.ex. would it make sense to underhook a leg or not? To armdrag his posting arm off my chest before I armbar him?


Well omoplata it is then. Armbar is not so high % imho because his shoulders are quite far away from your hips... but you're a tall lanky guy I've heard so go ahead and experiment with it.

The least you could do is regain guard which is a good option for you who likes to play guard.

Sure armdrag might work well too... and maybe you cam grab the wrist wrapping your thigh and start threatening the kimure/hip bump as well. OR that to the hand that posts.

I say straight armbar, you should be lined up pretty well for it.

Depends which direction he is driving, but it seems that armbar, pendulum to the side of the arm pushng on your upper body, triangle(yes) or kimura on the arm grabbing your shin. All involve kicking up on the arm that is grabbing on your shin in order to spin/sit up. The kimura requires your to hold that wrist as you kick. The same goes for the triangle, but as you kick you pull the arm slightly and then shove the arm between the legs instead.

googaplata, catch him off gaurd. eric

" but you're a tall lanky guy I've heard "

lol, no, I'm 180 cm, which is either average or just below average. And I don't have long legs, just average.

Thanks, guys for the suggestions. I guess that all those moves can be made to work, because my opponent seems to be giving me at least a slight chance for the omoplata as well as the armbar and even the kimura.

The thing is, he is pretty much defending well against my setup. In order to do those "push arm out triangles" from the guard, using f.ex. the "London" rubber guard (as bonton2 shows) or just grab his head and pull it in, you really have to get his other arm off your body. That is one of the keys to the rubber guard variations I have seen. So one of the things I could do is to work more on that in addition to being ready to immedially switch to another attack if he's about to slip out of my control like that.



lol. Wtf? :)

No, but I have a witty rejoinder I'll think of in about six months. Watch for it!