Triathlon won tonight!!!

what an amasing endurance to give so many punches.

and he is never tired.

I am rebeguining triathlon tomorrow.

It helps your endurance also when you dont punch hard, it doesn't take too much out of you at all when you throw accurate but soft shots like that,

Nick did kick ass thats for sure, I am a huge fan

they seem soft....but i am sure some of theses body shot had to hurt like hell

Punch stats:


207 of 397 strikes landed 52%

14 of 25 kicks landed 56%


31 of 93 punches landed 33%

8 of 13 kicks landed 62% about 7.5 minutes fight time.

those body shots definitely hurt, but all those pitter pats to Smith's head were NOT power power shots, if they were Scott would have been out in Rd. 1 and Diaz would have been too exhausted for Rd. 2