Tribes: Ascend

I picked this up for ten bucks on Steam (got some bonus gold and a permanent xp boost, the game itself is free). It has beem great fun! But also the most sressful video game I have played in a long time. There is never a moment you can just stop and take a breath.

If you want fast paced action, cool graphics and just a great feel of a future war game, this one is damn hard to beat. I am still not very good at it, but I do at least get a positive kill/death ratio generally.

Doombringer FTW!

Thinking about picking this up now that I got my new rig Phone Post

You fucked up dude....Their having that starter package sell is on Steam for $4.99.

Im not sure if I should get it...I mean is a good game but I feel like you get too little xp to get stuff.

I mean the guns are worth like 40000 xp....That a shit load of games to get a gun.

Feels like the game forces people to buy.

Other wise the game is very fun, it takes a lot of timing and skill.

I used to play tribes paintball back in the day. Phone Post

Well it wasn't a major screw up, I got it for ten bucks. Five difference is not too bad.

I just bought the pack for $5....Is pretty cool but I dont know what to buy yet.

Those extra weapons and extra energy pack do make a difference.

I feel like this game is kind of pay 2 play but $5 isn't that bad.

If you are anything like me the Doombringer is a great thing to grab. You can take a ton of punishment and the chain gun is more intuitive than alot of the other guns.