Tribute for the Troops thread

hopefully the danielson/animal segment is worthy.. Phone Post

Jim Halpert aka John Krasinski and Matt Damon in a movie together? Yes please.

If Miz goes over clean here...I WILL RIOT


Sandow carrying the match only to job out to Miz. Phone Post

Lame Phone Post




Why in the good fuck is Florida coming out for a second song?


What the fuck is this. really? reaLLY? REALLY?

Couldn't he at least get some hot bimbo out there with him instead of this pink haired ugly slut?

The best Tribute to the Troops were the ones they did "in country". overseas.. imo Phone Post

Haha Phone Post

There are some funny segments wwe does too bad the actual wrestling angles blow Phone Post

You know it's always the small things that make me appreciate characters.

When Heath drops down to his knees and holds his arms out, and Jinder/Drew each jump over each arm into a badass pose, that just puts them over the fucking top for me. Respect to 3MB! ONE OF THE GREATEST STABLES/TAG TEAMS/WHATEVER YOU WANNA CALL'EM!!!

3MB has 2 air guitars and 1 air scitar (sp)? they need an air drummer now.. but then they can no longer be 3MB i guess.. Phone Post

Wait. Wait just a minute. What was that commercial. Movie night on USA with that Rock movie as a football player who finds out he's a dad...hosted by CM Punk? HUH? 



Also damn, Cesaro is on quite the losing streak now.

Cesaro probably the perfect bad guy to have in the main event. Phone Post

LOL, The JOBSleigh is making its way to the ring, I'm cracking up