Tribute to Larry Bird

Lebron is a talented race baiting bitch…you’re just like him. Minus the talent

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Some upset racists on this thread

Pedro does seem upset. Good call

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You’re obviously another dumb ass troll account. Guess what I think Cardi B is absolute trash also. I must be double racist. I’m amazed people actually look up to her. I think James Holmes should be put in 23 and 1 lockdown for the rest of his life with no meds. How about the Hollywood floater that will NOT flush Michael Rappaport? He is basically an Instagram version of Steven A. Smith. He spreads no positivity at all. All he does is try to divide people. Ask Kevin Durant. The guy is toxic. He tries so hard to say “controversial” shit, but the people he tries to piss off DON’T care. They’re all pieces of shit. Must be cool to have a platform where you can call everyone racist 24/7 because I don’t suck LBJ’s dick because he’s black. He’s a shitty human being, not because he’s black, he’s an entitled, arrogant, obviously just dumb, and most of all a PUPPET. Good thing he’s juiced to the fucking gills and just charges everyone. He’s definitely not a finesse jump shooter. He chokes on free throws all the time. Equal rights equal rights wah wah, go to a Nike sweatshop fucking hypocrite mother fucker. I feel like the NBA is realizing people are sick of his ring chasing uneducated hypocrite ass. Kyrie couldn’t even stand playing with him. Kyrie should have to go take classes/counseling to end his blatant racism against LeBron.

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Paragraphs are important bro. Also therapy.

I saw Crowder and Gordon got into it, and Crowder just got into it with Lebron. So for fun I searched “Jae Crowder fights” in youtube and yeah, he’s always in the middle of a scuffle. This one was pretty fun, for all the oldheads they must appreciate seeing this kind of stuff to remind them of “the old days when they actually had passion.” It’s all the same shit still going on. Guys will still give a hard flagrant foul when it calls for it.

a thread about Larry Legend ends up being mostly about LeFlop.

fuck you guys.


What do you expect when you get two of the biggest race baiting faggots on here. Pedro and fucking Orcus or some dipshit. I said I don’t like LeBron because he chases rings and he’s not the type of scorer I enjoy watching, and he’s a complete hypocrite calling for equal rights when he collects millions a year off slave labor. McDonald’s boy said you guys are racist racist. So I set a pair of LeBron 1 lows on fire along with a pair of 3’s. :joy::joy::joy::joy:Haha could of probably resold them for $500 easily. He’s a terrible person and I’m pretty sure he’s racist. :muscle::muscle:

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I never said you were racist, you assumed i was referring to you because you are racist

Said you weren’t calling someone racist, then proceed to call them racist.

Shaking Head No GIF by GIPHY News

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Yeah wasnt talking about him but he responded because he is racist you dumb zionist

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Iron Man Reaction GIF