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from the ultimate troll of the decade

I have just talked to my brother-in-law in Japan who has just watched the fight. We came to a conclusion, which is still a speculation, that there must have been a pre-fight agreement between Yoshida side and Royce side to let Royce last to the end to redeem Royce's marketability so as to create Yoshida vs Royce 3.

"Shockwave II will go down in the books as the night that not even a 30 lb weight advantage could help a Judo Gold Medalist stop a beatdown from Royce Gracie."

Royce looked impressive only because Yoshida did not fight back in R2 based on the pre-fight agreement. Especially, Takada, who has been in the world of pro-wrestling for 24 years, SMILING on Fuji TV saying that Yoshida vs. Royce would be a "100% pure" match seems to present sure evidence that the fight was scripted.

I heard that Helio paid more than $1 million in today's value to buy the first 10 minutes (R1) from Kimura. Buying fights is a family business passed down from father Helio to sons Royce, Rickson, and Royler.

"Yoshida will make Royce look like a white belt." - pdeking

They went to attack Takada and Bill Goldberg showed up to a huge babyface reaction for the save.? If Yoshida vs Royce had been truly a "100% pure" match, Takada would not have said this. He said so precisely because he had to hide the fact that there was a pre-fight agreement to make Royce look good. Yoshida stops being aggressive in R2. Royce looked impressive only because Yoshida did not fight back in R2 based on the pre-fight agreement.

WTF!!! Delete this crap. Royce fights to finish everyfight all the time, same as always. Yoshida couldn't fight because he was hurt. See Yoshida in the hospital after the fight. What a bs post

these arent my post but post from the ultimate troll on the UG. keep his name quite just feel the effect u get from his trolling posts.

ok lions-d, I understand now...

There are some really funny pdeing posts on the Judo forum where MFC fools Osaekomi and Kai Tremeche agree with pdekings silly arguments. The Judo guys are getting really desperate...

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takada had the same deal with royce when they fought

Hey! Shut the fuck up! That man has three masters degrees and a PHD!

pdeking = either the UG biggest liar or it's best troll. You decide.

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