Tried Michelob Amber Bock

And thats a Damn good Beer

its good for the price. I drink it occasionally

*hangs his head in shame*

I was drunk when I had it so I can't really say for sure, but for how dark it was it sure was watery.

I dunno, I go to the store and I see a 6 of Killians or something for 6.99 and I see a 6 of Stone IPA for 7.29.

I feel that my 30 cents are well spent.

I am now going to say something that I vowed never to share.

Michelob Amber Bock tastes really REALLY freaking good if you put Hershey's chocolate syrup in it.

I'm serious.

Try it.

(Oh, and almost all of my favorite beers are IPAs)


that's like mixing scotch with pepsi one, or putting A-1 on a prime piece of ribeye.


I wouldn't compare Amber Bock with prime ribeye. It's more like putting grape jelly on a fajita.

It's still good, though.

It also got me and three of my friends kicked out of a bar once, be forewarned.

god i'm gonna be sick

The only decent beer store in town closes at 9pm, so either this or Killian's is my drink for when that store is closed. Plus they're like 5.50 a 6 pack.

The other store isn't great, but has some decent stuff. They had Guinness Draught bottles until I drank them out and they didn't replenish. I got a few 6's of Pilsner Urquell from them a few weeks ago, although I'm not much on the style, its pretty good beer.

Pilsner Urquell is the first pilsner and they still use the original recipe ya know :P That's a peice of beer history.

it's a good chance for learning tho :P

While I would agree that good beer is better than shitty beer, there's a time an place for everything. I've never met a beer I couldn't drink, everything from PBR to Duvel can be good depending on the circumstances.

Can you really drink Stone Imperial Stout or Runination with pizza? Those beers are good stuff, but they call way too much attention to themselves to compliment a simple meal.

Alot of craft brewers are getting a bit precious. I'm just getting into the fine beer thing (it's getting too warm to drink red wine or whiskey). I've tried some barley wines and some high octane stouts and IPA's, and I like this stuff, but come on . . . sometimes something simpler is a better choice.

Negra Modelo isn't a special beer, but I'd have to admit I enjoy it more than the Sierra Nevada Bigfoot in my fridge. Maybe it needs to age or something, but that stuff is a little rough and frankly not all that flavourful. One of life's simple pleasures, a nice cold one, shouldn't require such effort to enjoy (especially at 12 bucks for a sixer).

The new SN bigfoot is a little rough, and could use some aging... however if you're not getting my flavor from it my guess is that you're either drinking it from the bottle or drinking it too cold. ANyway.

Craft brewers DO brew lighter beers. Alesmith has X and Anvil, Stone has Levitation and their Pale Ale, SN of course has their pale ale, Victory has Prima Pils, and so on. Just because you crave or enjoy a lighter beer doesn't mean you have to go with a macro.

I prefer darker beers, but I can't help feeling that some craft brewers are just lifting certain obscure beer styles out of their cultural context and then trying to produce the most extreme version possible.

How thick can stout really get? I'm not sure I want to know.

Is it possible for a beer to be too hoppy? Yes!

I think that's why I prefer Trappist and Strong Ales from Belgium. There's tradition there, they're not trying to do anything crazy.

I was somewhat unfair to Bigfoot. I was comparing it to Full Sail's Old Boardhead Barley wine which I found to be much smoother and richer. Now that I've had a better look at that bottle, it's from '03. I'll hold on to Bigfoot for a couple of months and then compare (though it's not like me to save liquor).

I've never had Old Boardhead but I really really want to. I was going to order it but the place sold out in like a week :(