Tried one of these last night

Arc Trainer

I loved it.

The nice thing about the ARC trainer is unlike so many other machines on the market they have some well designed power/interval programs built in that are not affected by the time you desire to train.

What I mean is most programs are created in such a way that when you increase the length of the program, the intervals also get longer. If you do a 10 minute program the intervals may be 30 on 30 off. But if you increase to 20 minutes then the intervals also increase to 60 on 60 off.

The ARC trainer has programs where you can sprint for 15 sec recover for 45 sec regardless of total program time.


I've tried Ellipticals, steppers, rowers, and skiers. Nothing satisfied my hunger for running, until this beautiful machine.

I just found something that works for me, and I can use it for free. (This must be nirvana)

I wish I could try the full-body version.

Doesnt this move like an elliptical? Any vid of it in action online?


I may be wrong, but I perceive the motion as something between the elliptical and the stepper.

In any case, I compared it to the ellipticals (also by CYBEX) that I have access to and I noticed that there is larger ROM on the Trainer.