tried to go to SBG but...........

for luis guiterez's seminar, the singer bro's wouldnt return my e-mail and 411 doesnt have hard core gym listed

can say i didnt try matt.

This the first you have mentioned it on here. I am sure if you were really interested and had not been able to reach anyone, Rory, Adam or Luis would have gotten back with you at least through this forum.

I am certain of that.

Either way, it's not too late. Drive to Athens. The door will be open to you as it is to everyone.


fletch -

see my attn: adam singer post -

i sent him a e-mail several days ago, and posted had mail -

i'm sure there's a ggod reason he hadnt gotten back to me - i'm just funnin' cause for a few year's luis, matt and adam have all said "first come by a SBG top see what's it's like before you say shit"

I know they have been on the road the past week. I e-mailed Adam a week or so ago and he mentioned that he was packing and getting ready.

The HardCore Gym
1880 Commerce Road Suite 203
Athens, GA 30607 (Physical Address)

If you didn't put a subject to your email he probably would not respond.I have done that before and didnt get a him at 706-714-8369 Hope to meet you tomorrow.

case closed!

E-mail from steve recived at 3:55pm on Thursday. E-mail reply to Steve on 5:12 pm Friday with directions and infomation. Spoke to Steve tonight at about 2030.


Well there you go....


i hoped/figured this post would get a responce -

see you tomorrow -

thanks again adam -

How many names does Adam post under? He is a true master of disguise.

He is a a pink Gi.

A true ninja does not reveal his sources!


Now I HAVE to hear THAT story! LOL!

Adam is the true American Ninja


I just saw a clip of Dudikoff training in BJJ. Not sure how long he has been doin git, but the clip looked a few years old.

He IS a REAL ninja!!!!! They exist!


To test Dudikoff to see if he's a real ninja, we'd have to put him to the test against Adam 'cause remember....only a ninja can beat a ninja........or was it only Patrick Smith can beat a ninja?

Nevermind, saw the seminar post. ;)