Tried to watch all Star Wars dvds

I decided that I'd sit down and watch all 6 Star Wars movies in one
marathon session while I was working yesterday. I started watching
Episode 1 and after about 5 minutes of Jar Jar Binks and the Gungans, I
was done. I didn't even get halfway through the movie. I can't believe
that my whole life I was a giant Star Wars geek and now the prequel
trilogy has even ruined the original trilogy for me. Should I just burn
my dvds now, or is there a way to enjoy the originals again?

Um.... how about doing like the rest of us and just watching the originals....?

yeah I tried re-watching Phantom Menace a few years ago and between Jar Jar, that horrible little shit of a boy and the terrible script could't handle it. I've only seen it the once when it was first in the cinema.
I agree with Dirty Cake but it sucks bad that half the story is now ruined.

"Um.... how about doing like the rest of us and just watching the

Even doing that I can't keep it out of my mind that Vader was such a
whiney douche bag. I'm going to have to wait a few weeks before trying
to watch the originals again. Although, those are tainted by Gredo
shooting first and crap like that.

I watched the Legacy of Star Wars thing on the History Channel and Kevin Smith brought up a good point.  He said everyone was bitching about Hayden's whiny bitching but that's what an ultimate evil would be as a teenager.  He would be whiny little emo kid.  Made a good point I thought.  He'd either be a big bully or a little puss boy out to get even.  Harder to sympathize with a constant bully I guess. 

In my experience whiny emo kids grow up to be whiny emo adults, the
ones who do end up going crazy and killing people end up killing
themselves too.

Look at Tommy D and Henry Hill in Goodfellas for a great example of
how much of a badass young vader should have been.

Also, Vader isn't Hitler or Stalin, Palpatine is. Vader is the muscles of
the operation. A whiny emo kid wouldn't have the fortitude to take
years and years of crap from Palpatine and later Tarkin.

How could George Lucas watch those prequels and feel proud of what he has done?

Save yourself 6 hours, just watch Duel of the Fates edit on youtube. Don't need the rest of the prequel trilogy

crescentwrench is correct. look beyond your hate for the cast and jar jar

star wars is all about vader, its pretty much his story. his rise and fall and his redemtion through his son

the guy playing him did a great job, he spent his youth being trained to be good and yet goes so "bad" but of course in his eyes he is on the side of good.

he plays the space age teen PERFECTLY.

he was a child without power and became a teen WITH power. then in his eyes he believed people didnt want him using his full power.

anakin was the GOOD guy, what were the jedi? the universal police? fck that they go to diff PLANETS to tell people what to do!

dont do what they say and they will MAKE you or kill you.

I liked it better when Vader was just a bad ass. In one of the featurettes
on the Pan's Labyrinth disc, Guillermo Del Toro talks about how in fairy
tales we're supposed to take things at face value, yet Hollywood
manages to ruin it by trying to explain everything away. I liked the
force better when it was just some mystical energy field, Midichlorian
counts and tests or whatever just killed it for me.

A big part of Vader's appeal was his mystique, but all of the things
killacox mentioned ended that, same with Boba Fett. Some things are
just best left alone. The fact that Anakin wasn't really likable in any of
the movies makes his redemption in Jedi worthless.

It would have all been MUCH better if they didn't pick such a huge whiny douche to play Aniken.

i watched some of the extra's and saw the casting for the young anakin in episode 1. one of the 3 finalists was tall like anakin, had bright blue eyes like anakin, played a troubled and confused persona EXTREMELY well for someone his age, and was light years beyond in acting skill compared to the kid they chose. he totally blew away the kid they picked in every conceivable way. i have no fucking clue what lucas was thinking when he picked the other kid. must've been, "hey, forget about that kid that embodies anakin perfectly and is an incredible actor for his age. let's pick a really shitty child actor with a football shaped head instead."


one thing we must remember is the original starwars was so new and a lot of us were youngins when it came out so it has a mystic quality in most our eyes

as a child when i saw vader i saw pure badass evil like odyssey said but part of weaving a story is giving character background to explain how they got to that point

star wars prequels? Didn't happen. Clone wars did.

Remember kids the farther away George Lucas is from the star wars movie the better the result, hence Empire Strikes Back.

"Midichlorian counts and tests or whatever just killed it for me."

What's even gayer about the whole midichlorian thing is that apparently even Lucas realized it was a bad idea, as they were never mentioned again after Phantom Menace.

I remember before the prequel movies came out..I begged God to keep me alive so i can see them all and not kill me anytime before i was able to see them..Well after awhile I changed my mind but God tortured me and kept me alive to watch all those terrible movies!!..LOL!

I didn't mind the prequels that much.

I cant wait for the new Clone Wars, and then the 2 one hour live action tv shows also.

I put Phantom Menace in the "Ewoks: Battle for Endor" category.

My 3 biggest problems with the prequels:

  1. Midichlorians (don't explain, we don't need to know how the force works, or where immortals/highlanders come from)

  2. Darth Maul should have been carried through a 3 movies, to be killed by Anakin instead of Doku.

  3. They did a horrible job of illustrating Anakins turn to the darkside. He has a bad dream, and he's ready to hack up little kids with a light sabre. WTF?