Tried to watch UFC on FOX at...

Tried to watch UFC on FOX yesterday at FOX Sports Grill and Hooters in San Diego and only 3 screens had the fight on at both places with no volume. Fucking ridiculous. Phone Post 3.0

and yet they had a lot of people there for the fights Phone Post 3.0

Hooters sucks Phone Post 3.0

Every Hooters I've been to the volume is always low when it comes to the UFC. You can hear it in the bathroom though. Lol. Phone Post 3.0

During the main event with two rounds left I asked if they could turn the volume up and got a flat out NO. If it was Fox Sports 1 I could understand but it was BIG FUCKING FOX and Robbie Lawler vs Matt Brown. They decided to play shitty ass music over it. Phone Post 3.0