Trifecta of Cardio

I completed my cardio collection yesterday. I now have a Climber (Versa Climber knock off), Airdyne, and a Nordic Track Skier. The best part is that I have only spent $250 for the lot.

I know my bragging about it makes me a fitness nerd, but I am comfortable with that.

I got a 1989 Soloflex for free


Nice work, guys!

I inherited a Concept 2 model C a while back for free -- fits great in my living room!

Damn. i wish i was a thief.

If I ever get the space I'm gonna have a VersaClimber.

I found a jump rope that my old nieghbor left behind when he moved

"I found a jump rope that my old nieghbor left behind when he moved "

It had a noose on the end, that was a hint. I only moved as i grew tired of you jerking off by my window every time I worked out


For me, a perfect trifecta (of machines) would be a versaclimber,concept2 rower, and a Nordictrac incline treadmill.(Fourth place would be an Airdyne or a Johnny G spinner)

Non-machine trifecta would be a jump rope, a dragging sled, and a heavy vest to wear for sprints and burpees.(Fourth place would be a sledge hammer)

I have a treadmill, Pull up, pushup station, dip, jumprope etc.

Brock where did u get that airdyne???

I have aquired so much exercise stuff over the years (most for free) it is amazing.

I recently picked up two Nordic Tracks for free from two differnt people who never used them.


What kinds of stuff do you guys do on the Nordic Track, just LSD work?  I got one from my dad a few months back, used it once, and now it's just collecting dust.  I am using my Airdyne a lot for intervals, but didn't think the Nordic Track would be good for that. 

BzGrapp- I got it at a used sporting goods store called Play it Again Sports.

JRock- I used the Nordic Track for intervals and have had great results. It is incline adjustable and has adjustable resistance for the legs and arms. I also throw on a weighted vest when I am feeling froggy.

Thanks, maybe I'll give it another try!

brock how much did u pay at Play it again for the airdyne

I paid $115 for it.

o coo. Yea I have a HUSKY leg press/ hack squat that im gonna try n sell either on c-list or whomever. probaly try n get 300 for it