Trigg retires.

That's my prediction.

he just said he has alot of options in front of him but he still wants to fight. he said he still loves to compete and he still loves to fight but things just arent goin his way right now.

stop the internet rumors, he didn't say he has retired. after losing a big fight just minutes before he said "i'm done" but went on to say how much he likes the competition.

he's gonna retire from not fighting?

His submission defense is terrible..but I didn't see the fight so I don't really know in this case..

at least he didn't get submitted by RNC... There is some improvement..

Just trolling. I hope he stasy in MMA, he still has great potential!

Wait untill you guy's see what what Trigg is doing next.

Josh Gross suggested on Sherdog's Beatdown radio show that Trigg will be on season 4 of TUF, a season of UFC veterans. Personality-wise he is outstanding for that kind of show, but I think coming off of a loss like this takes some of the luster off his appearance.

I would think this string of losses would hurt his future dealings in mma as far as announcing ect.

Why? Most announcers/commentators aren't fighters at all, much less champions.

well we could see Trigg vs Diaz, since they both will be supposedly TUF 4

Just watched an interview on MMA Weekly with Frank after his fight last night. He says he takes nothing from the fight with Carlos and is pretty much done. He even gets somewhat upset with Ryan Bennett because he asks him three times in the one minute interview if he is done. After the third time Rayn asks him if he is done he says "for the third time in the same conversation yes".

he was just triangled by condit.

imo he wont retire on a loss

Frank really has to understand something:

If you talk that much smack and do not back it up, then you are going to look like a total waste of time and a failure.

If he shut his mouth and just went out and fought, then maybe people would respect his losses rather than lamenting them.

Being submitted is not Frank's worst enemy, his mouth is his worst enemy.

He should now have his lips sealed shut. He might just improve.