Trigg v Lawler, March 31, ICON!

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Im pretty darned excited about this fight!

Lawler by brutal KO

Would be a great 1st match for the next Pride USA show... but congrats on signing it.

lawler by ko even though trigg is one of my favs. hopefully we see a lawler/mayhem 2 and lawler comes in shape this time.

"I think Robbie lost some of his ko power when he beefed up, not saying he doesnt hit hard but the speed was a lot faster when he was lighter. "


He looked pretty damn fast against Joey V

waits in dark alley with 6 million monkeys

979 will be in said alley

robbie will sprawl and brawl and knock trigg out

Mayhem will make his return on the same card.

Charuto will fight as well.  One of them will likely get winner.

T Jay how many fights does MayheM have left on his contract?

goin for trigg

should be a barnburner imo ... gotta love lawler , that kid is unreal

War Trigg!!

Great fight!

Go ROb


television preview show later this week...

nice matchup!

Sweet. Nice job T.Jay!!!

BTW- Hope you and the crew had a great time in Vegas this weekend. Hope you kept that Vince feller under control, too