Trigg vs. Misaki? Damn.

What a huge fuckin win that would be for Trigg.

Misaki by TKO.


oops, didn't see the other threads.

nothing to see here, keep it movin.

You think Misaki can keep this fight on its feet? He moves well on his feet but is his wrestling good enough?

Great matchmaking on this one.

I'm taking Trigg

I love the matchup.

I agree if Trigg pulls this out it will be a great win for him.

That said I'm picking Misaki.

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^^^shut up.

CRE, Trigg's beating Jason has nothing to do with me picking Misaki.

I think Trigg has a decent chance of pulling off the upset. I'm a Trigg fan. Have been for a long time. I was worried about Jason fighting him.

And to clarify things, I am not a nuthugger. Never have been. I am just a nice person who supports fighters. I don't talk shit.

Your track record in picking fights speaks for itself.

Godd day douchebag.

misaki will wreck him

Misaki is going to get fucked off by trigg.


^ What?

Anyway, Triggonomics, baby!!! You KNOOOOWWW!!!

No, I fight at 170.

And you will never fight anyone.

Tell me your real name and where you train and I'll be happy to set something up.

knows that will NEVER happen

Instead of going back and forth with you all day, which I'm sure you'd love...lets just end this with you pretending to want to fight and me knowing that you don't.

Back to the subject at hand, I hope Trigg does pull it off. Just don't think its all that likely.

Fabes by brutal head kick KO.

Fabes is good for the UG. Cretard is bad for the UG. You do the math

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I figured you'd be too much of a bitch to say who you are.

When you grow a pair of balls, let me know.

I'm done wasting time with you.

Go stalk someone else.

CRE can't leave FL because he's 12 and his mommy won't let him go out after dark.