what is Triglycerides?

what can of damage it does if you have elevated level in your blood?

wikipedia is a wonderful thing-

Triglycerides are 3 sugar molecules bound to a fatty acid. High triglycerides, unless you just ate, usually mean you have been eating to many calories, usually bread, pasta and high carb stuff.

It increases you risk of heart attack, mostly becase it means you eat to much and don't exercise enough (for the amount of calories and carbs you are taking in).

Eat a salad and go jogging. If you are healthy, your triglycerides will drop like a rock.

When I was in college and sold blood plasma you could SEE high tryglycericeds and cholesterol. If you had just eaten a cheese burger and fries, the plasma looked like milk. If you had eaten broccoli and cauliflour for lunch, the plasma looked more like cloudy beer.

Like I said, you could literally see the difference from day to day and meal to meal.