Triller bosses offer Jake Paul $30 mil to fight Belfort

Jake wouldn’t beat a 55 year old TRT Vitor, let alone one still at the tail end of his youth

I’d be shocked if Jake Paul took this fight.

He’ll probably remain quiet for a bit and then come out of the woodwork to announce an easier opponent.

But I’d love to be wrong.


We know why.

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Gotta love Vitor in the Jesus trunks, jacked up on TRT, clamoring for a 30 million dollar pay-day, after beating up a 60 year old man.

Vitor kinda sucks. Sorry.


This is all par for the course with Vitor. Ive always been a fan of his fights, not the fighter


While I love Victor Grace, I really don’t want to see Paul jab him around.

Let Paul talking about Tommy Fury and avoid that for a few months until something else comes up.

Vitor Danis

Earlier this year, Jake Paul signed a multi-year, multi-fight deal with Showtime Boxing. After fighting his first two fights under the Triller banner, Jake raked in some pretty impressive PPV buys. So it made sense for Showtime Boxing to orchestrate a deal with the YouTuber turned boxer.

Vitor would get paid to take a dive but would throw heat anyway

Vitor would kill him.

I kind of think he goes in there to take his head off no matter what. I don’t see him as being someone with much tolerance for a kid like Paul.

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very interesting times… promotions trying to take some high margin, small pieces of the overall market

specialize in areas the big players can’t focus without affecting their overall product

If Paul makes it out of round 3 alive he will neat Victor.

But won’t happen he’s done with Triller it seems

I’d fight Vitor for 50k.

Suprised nobody is talking about Jake Paul fighting a real boxer again other than tommy fury who is not that good.

Jake likes to fight old guys, non boxers, mama guys on losing streaks, guys lighter than him.

Its smart to maximize money etc. But he claims to want to be legit and he fights nobody to prove it. He already turned down the thought of vitor or Anderson, both retired MMA fighters who are old but close to his size, he wants the masvidal fight which is a journeyman 170 fighter under contract that cant happen.

Business proposal to jake, we have an older guy but not that old, a real boxer, WAY smaller, big name and popular, older and being a fuckup on the decline, from your home state so can bill it Cincinnati vs Cleveland and make HUGE bank…

Adrien Broner is the answer, he fits every single category Jake likes except the fact he can really box, but all other check Mark’s are there

Who da fook is that guy?

Adrian Broner. Bwahahahaa.

Why fight Belfort when he can fight a can for less. He should fight Evander for 30 mill.

All Jake has to do is demand strict drug testing and make Vitor come in natty.

Diaz bros are at a significant disadvantage with boxing gloves.