Trinidad vs Mayorga tonight - Sat

Just a heads-up for all that may have forgotten.

Hey, thanks wayne-o!

No probs my man, anytime, don't mention it.


..time to have another bokkle 'o' suds...

its not televisaed tho!!!!..... i only see the dumb heavyweight fight televised on ppv, but not trinidad/mayorga???

should be a great fight. Tito has been gone for a while, i am curious to see how he will do

yeah its not on ppv or tsn....

what a waste..... will be a better fight than the HW one

First man to put Mayorga on his rear-end; and first
to STOP him.

Nice win by Tito.

Agreed. Fine display by Tito.

how did you see the fight?

Pain, I watched it at a pub.

Damn, wish I could have seen it. I trust the positive reviews for the fight were all right on, wayne? you liked it?

Did I like it? Yes, it was an absolute war...Tito
played his game very well..very
Mayorga started to tire around the 6th, and Tito
was still sharp right up until the stoppage...

Mayorga took Tito for granted...and paid.

Jim Lampley or Larry Merchant (not sure which now)
were calling it one of the best fights of 2004, and that it was closely compared to Leonard / Hearns.

Can't wait until TSN shows it - should be this week
sometime I suspect.