Trinidad vs Winky?

It looks like Trinidad will face Winky on March 17th if everything falls through. Does Trinidad have the ability to beat Winky? Winky has ten times the defense that Mayorga has and might not be the biggest puncher but he is quick. Is Trinidad biting off more than he can chew by fighting Winky next?

tito will stop winky, winky was ratled by former lightweight mosley, wat do u think happenS WHEN tito connects

plus titos stamina is so damn good

i like winky wright but i think tommydapit is right (no pun intended) winky was noticably stunned by sugar shane, granted it was an open shot, but still he was stunned and tito hits harder.

tito in 9

yeah, he rocked him, i don't remember which round but winky gets cocky puts his hands down and dares shane hit him so shane did and it definetly had an effect

Winky wins it. He'll see every punch Tito throws and won't be surprised by anything. He walked through Mosely's shots, some of which he didn't see coming.

Trinidad breaks him down and stops him. Not even a question in my mind. Winky doesn't have enough power to keep Tito off of him.

i think this one is fascinating.

Winky's defense is good, but it's predicated on blocking most shots and countering in the pocket. Even if you stop a tito punch on your forearms or gloves, he has so much power it can knock you off balance or still hurt him with the power that drives through to the chin.

Poor Winky has been underestimated his entire career. Unfortunatley, I'm gonna have to do it again. I think chadk has thrown a heck of a left hook to the correct, I don't think that Winky has enough power to hold off Trinidad.

It takes a pretty special fighter imo opinion to beat Trinidad and although Winky is very good, I would not classify him as special.

I don't see Winky getting KO'd but i do see him going down a few times and losing a decision.

Honestly I thought Mosley was shot since he "beat" oscar the second time.

The combos are gone, and he's much smaller to opponents at 154.

name another fighter that can throw that many power punches per round, not get tired and not lose any snap on his punches,

tito is one of THE best conditioned athletes in the world

if winky covers up like he always does hes gonna get stopped by tito,

his only chance is too outwork tito and win a decision(winky doesnt have anough power to stop trinidad),hows he gonna do that when he almost got outworked by mosley who didnt throw that many punches

wait and see when tito is throwing 100 punches per round of all power shots
the only winky has goin for him is that hes a southpaw with a good jab

I like Winky, but I think Tito will just be too strong. Looking forward to a good fight though.

Where the hell does this idea of Winky "running" come from? The guy is about as flat footed as it gets imo.

Tito by KO