Triple H, vaxxed months later.......heart issue

Maybe now. But his early days he partied with Michaels, Nash, Xpac, and Hall. I’m guessing he spent many nights doing massive amounts of drugs.

They all say no. People made jokes that they let him hang because he didnt drink and could be their driver. Its actually sound logic if true.

He got in with the Kliq because he was always the DD. His rep for not boozing is public knowledge. It seems like one of the lowest things on the wrestling totem pole to lie about.


Genetic heart issue + over two decades of consistent steroid use. Pretty much the only times he tapered off were when he impregnated his wife.

Probably way more of a factor than the vaccine.

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It seems to have affected you greatly!


There is exactly zero connection made — to date — between the man getting a vaccine in April and having a cardiac issue in September besides what the most misinformed cunt on the OG has made in his OP.

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I’m organic bro. No symptoms

OP dont forget all that glowing green dx paint he was around. Since its probably just as likely to be a factor.

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timeline works out

Mike Mentzer died from heart failure as well, around the same age as HHH.
So did Ultimate Warrior.
Sure one was in 2001 and one in 2014 but do your research people!

Lots of coincidences happening these days


My father in law got the vaccine around April. He’s currently waiting for open heart surgery as he just had a heart valve fail. Late 60’s, was a healthy & active retiree.


2 of my friends had heart attacks within days of being vaccinated
Both were healthy as far as we know

1 survived, 1 didnt


One of my SCADA engineers has been in the hospital for the last 3mo after collapsing minutes after receiving his 2nd dose. My wife looked like she had a softball hanging off her shoulder & a nurse friend of ours spent nearly a week in the hospital after her 2nd dose. People wonder why I haven’t taken the shot & I just laugh. My antibody test came back with a previous exposure but no active antibodies. Strange I had an exposure as I haven’t been sick :wink:


And Jesse Marunde, and Jon Pall Sigmarsson

Lets not forget Arnie needing heart surgery too.

Cholesterol migration is a bitch.

I hate the vaccine shit and I agree

Even if he didn’t drink or do coke with them. He still juiced like crazy.


Genetic heart issue could be a PFO apparently 1 in 4 have them and most are unaware. Could be something fairly mundane and a slow news day so media picked up on it.

Plus all sauce.

Oh Yeah GIF

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He was so skinny when he started in mid-south wrestling…without pumping up, he would have never been a star.

Some people might point to roids…yet they would happily take them in exchange for 40 million in the bank.