Triple H, vaxxed months later.......heart issue

Don’t you see that you are doing the same thing?

Every heart issue is because of the vaccine

If you have any health issues ever after getting vaccinated it’s because of the vaccine.

Again, the pics from around 96 show what he looked like as an adult performer who’d already made it to the big time and had already been training in the gym for years.

The WWE didn’t even have any sort of in-house training program for wrestlers until the mid to late 2000s did it? The wrestlers were always treated as independent contractors who did their own thing. You make it sound like they were an Olympic outfit or professional sports team.

If you want to take the stance that his great genetics activated around 30 and he discovered weight training secrets other wwe wrestlers didn’t …….ok I guess.

He 100% uses but you’re right, he wouldn’t need some crazy high dose. He’s nowhere near pro bodybuilder levels of muscle… pro wrestlers die at high rates in their late 40s, 50s, and 60s but this is probably just as much opiate abuse, travel, unhealthy lives from being on the road than it is just the roids.

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I think the juice, however the vaccine could have been the straw that broke the camels back

Right. If it was anyone but HHH I’d be on the bandwagon too.

What about the genetic jackhammer that is Vince McMahon? Steroid abuser? Or Steroid User? I don’t see his heart failing…

That’s not far fetched. He had zero vices or distractions. He put nothing in his body that would reverse the hard work he puts in in the weight room. I see the transformation, but it doesn’t mean it was abuse. Use? Of course. Whose to say it was definitely abuse?

If it was anyone but HHH, I’d agree wholeheartedly. Knowing what I know about Hunter, I don’t think this heart issue is linked to steroid abuse

HHH was 26-27 years old in 1996. He was green to the business and likely still learning to body build. His transformation over the next 4-5 years is remarkable but I don’t know if it confirms “abuse”

I think lots of people would call anyone who touches a steroid abuse, but it’s crazy now in the trt era that some people still think like that. We have lots of quality evidence now that lower doses aren’t doing much harm. We have no idea how much he did in his prime but he wasn’t giant relative to his frame, he could have done a healthy dosage to get where he was.

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Couldn’t ever be from a vaccine that never passed animal trials.

I would just add in his book he mentions the year prior to wwf he barely worked out. He was a beast a couple years prior.

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I think you may be thinking of someone else.

If the spike proteins are in fact going into other parts of the vaccine recipients body you will start seeing this more. Especially after the boosters start stacking up.

Someone like Triple H who likely has inflammation around his heart due to years of abuse it makes sense.

That’s interesting. I also have a genetic heart issue. Even went to the Mayo Clinic last year for treatment. I got my 2 jabs and took it like a man. I guess I’m tougher than HHH.

I know someone that has smoked cigarettes for years and they are still alive so cigarettes are not bad for you…Sheep logic


admittedly this where his doctor should advise him considering his heart issue.