Tristan Yunker

Is he infact a badass ?

Whats the odds on the miller fight ?

did beat guida

RNC'd Guida even.

everybody has there off nights

But is Tristan a badass ?

it wasn't an off night. and yes he is a legit badass;)

I was at the Guida fight and have seen Guida fight on few occassions. Only saw Yunker fight that night, but I think he fought Guida perfectly that evening anticipated the initial encounter and controled after that. As far as him being a bad ass don't know, but he had Guida's number that night.

Miller By Viscious KO in round 1.
Let it be known I'll support Damage INC. in most cases. I support them in this one as well, I just have to support the opponent more.




Him vs. Miller may be off, should know more soon.

Stilll no one has validated the "Im a badass" statement made by Yunker himself.

Im looking for proof.


Actually guys, just thought I would let everyone know, it is in fact confirmed that I am a Badass...

I recieved my letter of certification this morning.

Thanks for all your support guys, and hopefully I wont let you down.


there certainly wont be any KO's for New Years Eve, atleast not any that I'm a part of.

Please scan that at your leisure and post it for us then.

sorry, try this one.

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dang it...

ok, this one works for sure...

Tristan is in fact a bad ass. Guida is very well rounded, probably more so than Yunker, but it's all about match-ups. Guida beats many of his opponents because he can out wrestle and out muscle them. Neither is the case vs. Tristan. Not too many people (who aren't fighting in the UFC who are going to out wrestle him at 155lbs). This was not a fluke. Tristan has been working his BJJ with Stutzman and putting in a lot of time on his stand up with Wes Ramey and it is now paying dividends. Yunker will have success at the next level.



i doubt miller wins via viscious KO or any KO for that matter...has he ever knocked anyone out standing up??? Not knocking him because he is a very good fighter...but I hate when people say shit like this...he is a ground guy...a phenominal ground guy...please say "cole is going to tap him out" cool with that