Tristate grappling league ny,nj,ct

Sup, folks.  Once again, this is Jerry Mendez with some more news and ideas.  Acom-sports is Developing a grappling league for the NY, NJ, CT area.  There will be 3 conferences: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut.  Each will have rankings in 7 different weight classes.  Each will have conference champions that will defend their belts.  there will also be unification Matches in which the Winner will receive a Championship belt and $300 cash.  This will be going on throughout the tri-state area.  for more info, go to and click on the blue text in the white box below the logo.  let me know if this is a good idea.  Anyone interested, email



thanks guys.

very cool, when you thinkin about having the first one?

After the june Grappling event is when i plan to do it, but i don't have a date planned yet.

- Round Robin Format

- Registration Fee: $20 / $50 a month (4 tourneys a month)

- Admission for spectators: $5 donation

- Championship Belts for Conferences NY, NJ, CT

- Rankings for all Conferences in all weight classes

- Unification Title Bouts - For Undisputed Champion of the Tri-state

- Winners of there Divisions will be reimbursed of there
Registration Fee

- Undisputed Tri-State Champion will receive a Championship Belt and
$300 Cash Prize

- Conference Champions will receive Championship belts and $100 cash

- Champions must defend their Belts or be stripped of their title

- Rankings will be based on points accumulated

- Point System: Win = 3/ Loss = 1/ Draw = 2


-Men's Jr. Lightweight (144 lbs. and under)

- Men's Lightweight (145 lbs. To 159 lbs)

- Men's Welterweight (160 lbs. To 175 lbs.)

- Men's Middleweight (176 to 184 lbs.)

- Men's Light Heavyweight (185 to 199 lbs.)

- Men's Heavyweight (200 lbs. to 249lbs.)

- Men's Super Heavyweight (250 lbs. and over)
Rules of Competition:

* Round Robin Format
* No striking, biting, eye-gouging, pinching, hair pulling, or
* Competitors are not allowed to stick fingers in opponent's mouth,
ears, or nose
* No small joint manipulation
* No attacks to groin or front of throat (larynx)
* Slams from the guard are not allowed
* Intentional stalling while standing, will result in:
- 1st time: Warning
- Each time thereafter: 2 points awarded to opponent
* Tapping the mat or your opponent with your hand indicates that you
* You may also submit verbally to the referee
* If you tap out/submit, you lose
* Any indication of submission by fighter must be made obvious to
the referee
* All decisions by the referee are final
* Rule violations, intentional fouls, and unsportsmanlike conduct
will not be tolerated and may be grounds for
disqualification and a loss
* Competitors must supply mouth piece and groin protection
* Wrestling shoes are optional

* Throw where opponent's feet pass his/her hips: 4 points
* Takedowns: 2 points
* Knee on stomach: 2 points
* Passing the guard: 3 points
* Sweeps from the guard: 2 points
* Full mount: 4 points
* top North/south position: 3 points
* Cross side: 2 points
* Rear mount: 4 points (both hooks must be in)
* Opponent stalling: 2 points (See stalling rule)
* Mercy Decision: 20 - 0


Non-Title Bouts will be 6 minutes

Conference Championship Bouts will be 8 minutes

Unification Title Bouts will be 10 minutes


great idea!


let's try to keep this thread To THE Top


thanks guys

I'd love to compete.

Joe Lauzon, what's your email address.....i need to ask you somethings





ttt for a grappling league.  Acom-sports is trying to do some big things for the grapplers out there.  The rules are good for all grapplers..... Wearing a Gi is optional....Gi and No-Gi compete together. 

Great idea! If this only happaned 10 years ago. I hope it works out.



YEP!  it's all about high scoring and no stalling.  trying to make this as exciting as possible.  of course you need to control your opponent for 3 seconds before you are awarded the pts.


thanks for the support guys.  let's keep this TTT

My email is .  Please email me, everyone, to let me know if you're interested in having this league take place.  the more emails i get, the more i can try to get this league going.  It's inexpensive, the rules are great for all grapplers (judo, sambo, wrestling).  rules are made for high scoring and exciting matches.  Tournaments will be going on in NY, NJ, CT.  There will be champions in each of those states and ranking for each of those states.  This could be huge if it takes place.  Grapplers will have at least 4 matches.  Winners of divisions will recieve a Medal and be reimbursed there registration fee.  End of the month will be the Championship matches for championship belts.  winners of conference belts will recieve $100, winners of Unified Title in there weight class will recieve a belt and $300 cash.