Tristate grappling rules & fees

Sup, ya'll.  Jerry Mendez again.  Just wanna remind you that in about a month, Acom-sports will be starting the tri-state submission grappling league.  We will be holding weekly Tournaments at $20 registration for each tourney or $50 for each month.  Each tourney will feature all weight classes in round robin format at the end of the format, we will add up the score and rank the fighters.  however, in order to stay ahead, i suggest you compete every week or at least twice a month.  competitors will constantly be joining the league to build up rankings.  at the end of the month, we will hold conference championships in three weight classes.  The next month, we will hold another tourney for Title belts in other weight classes.  Rules are below


- Round Robin Format

- Registration Fee: $20 / $50 a month (4 tourneys a month)

- Once a conference champion, Registration fees are waived until you lose your title

- Admission for spectators: $5 donation

- Championship Belts for Conferences NY, NJ, CT

- Rankings for all Conferences in all weight classes

- Unification Title Bouts - For Undisputed Champion of the Tri-state

- Undisputed Tri-State Champion will receive a Championship Belt and
$300 Cash Prize

- Conference Champions will receive Championship belts and a prize to be determined.

- Champions must defend their Belts or be stripped of their title

- Rankings will be based on points accumulated

- Point System: Win = 3/ Loss = 1/ Draw = 2


- Men's Jr. Lightweight (144 lbs. and under)

- Men's Lightweight (145 lbs. To 159 lbs)

- Men's Welterweight (160 lbs. To 175 lbs.)

- Men's Middleweight (176 to 184 lbs.)

- Men's Light Heavyweight (185 to 199 lbs.)

- Men's Heavyweight (200 lbs. to 249lbs.)

- Men's Super Heavyweight (250 lbs. and over)

* Round Robin Format
* No striking, biting, eye-gouging, pinching, hair pulling, or
* Competitors are not allowed to stick fingers in opponent's mouth,
ears, or nose
* No small joint manipulation
* No attacks to groin or front of throat (larynx)
* Slams from the guard are not allowed
* Intentional stalling while standing, will result in:
- 1st time: Warning
- Each time thereafter: 2 points awarded to opponent
* Tapping the mat or your opponent with your hand indicates that you
* You may also submit verbally to the referee
* If you tap out/submit, you lose
* Any indication of submission by fighter must be made obvious to
the referee
* All decisions by the referee are final
* Rule violations, intentional fouls, and unsportsmanlike conduct
will not be tolerated and may be grounds for
disqualification and a loss
* Competitors must supply mouth piece and groin protection
* Wrestling shoes are optional

* Throw where opponent's feet pass his/her hips: 4 points
* Takedowns: 2 points
* Knee on stomach: 2 points
* Passing the guard: 3 points
* Sweeps from the guard: 2 points
* Full mount: 4 points
* top North/south position: 3 points
* Cross side: 2 points
* Rear mount: 4 points (both hooks must be in)
* Opponent stalling: 2 points (See stalling rule)
* Mercy Decision: 20 - 0


Non-Title Bouts will be 5 minutes

Conference Championship Bouts will be 8 minutes

Unification Title Bouts will be 10 minutes


Anyone interested in being a competitor of this League, please email:


pretty cool concept. I'd love to have that in Illinois

Sophos ama,

If you wanna Introduce it in illinois email me and we'll talk

These will be the Conference belts for NY, NJ, CT


This sounds great. NO advanced/novice divisions?

unfortunately we took out the the skill divisions.  In the future we can put together a lower level division.  but for now, this will be a league for the more experienced Intermediate - advanced Players.


If you wanna put together a Lower level division, email me.....we'll talk


Wow... Clone of our tournament. I like it.

Tri-State Grappling League Belt for undisputed Champion



joe, i heard you got ganked by a stripper this past weekend. any truth to that rumor?

Joe, maybe we can put high ranking players from your league to go against players from my league.  You interested?

when and how is a conference champion crowned?

Tommy Gunnz

Every weekend a tourney will be happening, having all weight classes compete for ranking in round robin format.  At the end of the month, we will put the top two ranked players of each division to battle it out for a Belt.  Once Champion, you can still compete afterwards in round robin Non-title matches and the registration fee is waived until you lose your title. At the end of the month you MUST defend your title or be stripped of your Championship status.


Email me if you have any more questions

joe, i heard you got ganked by a stripper this past weekend. any truth to that rumor?

No Comment, hah.

Joe, maybe we can put high ranking players from your league to go against players from my league. You interested?

Maybe down the line. We arent sure when we will start ours up again... should be soon, but not sure when exactly.

sounds good to me.  let me know then



i've decided to put the finals of the Tri-State Grappling League in a USKBA event.  I will start the process of working out the details of this event.  The Kings of New York Grappling Championships are still in talks right now.  Once i get approval to have this event sanctioned, i will set the date, preferebly july 1st.  in that case i will start the Tri-State Grappling League sooner than expected.  I will update everyone on what's happening. 

Jerry - venue been finalized yet? Will it be the same venue each week?

i'm trying to get that done.  right now i'm still in talks with venues to hold this league.  Then i will be holding the big grappling event where i'll have the finals of the NY conference.  i'll update you as soon as i get the venue for this.