Triumph*United Signs Nick Diaz

With UFC 158 just a few days away, Nick Diaz is now apparently one of the newest members of the T*U Legion. Check out the banners below featuring the top UFC welterweight contender putting a pair of Triumph*United Storm Trooper Boxing Gloves to use inside the gym, prior to his battle with GSP this weekend. For a closer look at the full collection including gloves, pads, mitts and other equipment, check out the entire Triumph*United Storm Trooper Fight Gear line, before watching Diaz and GSP go to war inside the Octagon at UFC 158.

Nick Diaz Money. Phone Post


Would have been awesome to have shown off some of their goods at the open workout today. Phone Post

Literally everything is prior to this Saturday. :) Phone Post

Awesome work by Diaz letting it be known that he needs to see that money... Phone Post

D-Day is near. I wonder if Triumph offers win bonuses. Phone Post

Good for nick Phone Post

Nice. Hope he gets paid and can get pampered son!

Triumph seems like a good home for Diaz Phone Post

In a sponsorship home sense Phone Post

209 is about to be flooded with Hondas riding on spinners! Phone Post