Trivia time (pic)

You`re welcome.

I bet Tom Erikson has a set of mitts on him. There’s a HW that doesn’t get nearly enough love when it comes to handing out love for fighters.

Probably my greatest thread was when I made one about him and he started posting an answering questions.

I made a comment about him being intimidating and Rico Chipparelli pricing him out of alot of fights and Tom came on and said that he seen what other fighters were getting paid & that Rico was right on the money.

Here is the Big Cat against Manny Yarbrough (from UFC 3) in a wrestling match.

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Pushed on the hot grill by his evil sibling

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cool match

Found the thread.

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The search feature on the new website is amazing.That was an incredible thread that Im still reading.Ive found threads from 2004 but nothing earlier.

  • I even found my post about Rico.

This next fighter claimed to be 272-0 in the Extreme Fighting promotion.There were debates and long threads for years whether he tapped or was wiping blood when he fought a Russian fighter.

Name him?

Mario Sperry?

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WINNER! It was Mario “The Zen Master” Sperry


Here is the fight that brought up the debate (I think it`s time stamped)

Me or nobody else could convince John Perretti that he was wiping blood.He had Igor`s nuts in his mouth.

And for bonus points…like Kirik asked earlier…who was the referee?

that is Gokor Chivichiyan

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This is correct also.Get down with your bad self.

i remember the blue belt enforcer brigade on here arguing that sperry was wiping away the blood and was only seconds away from annihilating zinoviev when the match was stopped, then sperry himself posted in thread, to paraphrase, that “sperry lost because sperry got his ass kicked”. It was the time that he was hyping a NAGA super fight match between, i think, fabiano capone and ricardo almedia

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Next up is this guy who scored a upset in Japan during his career.He fought in both of the big leagues.

Tre telligman?

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Nice one Thai Dye it is Tra Tellingman.His upset in Japan was over Igor Vovchanchyn.

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He looked a little different so thought I was off. Not nice to say but with his shirt on it’s a little more difficult. Was always a fan of his during the early years.

I stayed away from posting with his shirt off on purpose to kind of not giving it away.I figured that the facial hair might make it harder also.

This next fighter was asked by EliteXC to keep it standing against the popular backyard brawler & not take him down.

Who was it?